Toxic Relationships by Sarah Goldberg

Learn How To Recognize A Toxic Relationship & Fix It or Forget It

Toxic relationships

Its a sad fact that both men and women everywhere are involved in toxic relationships and some of these can even lead to domestic violence. Its a sadder fact that the abused people in these relationships stay in these relationships and continue to get hurt. Many times the abused person doesn't even realize that they're in a toxic relationship! 

This book will teach you how to recognize a toxic relationship and if you're in a toxic relationship it'll teach you how to "fix it or forget it".

The book covers
1. Factors that lead to the development of a toxic relationship 
2. The negative repercussions of staying in a toxic relationship 
3. How to "fix or forget" a toxic relationship 
4. How to recover from being in a toxic relationship once you're out of it 

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / General

Language: English


Word Count: 5865

Sales info:

This book was very well received on Amazon and currently is ranking in the Top 100 for the categories dysfunctional relationships and women's health (both competitive categories). Excellent reviews have also been given of the book.

Sample text:

Do you stare out of your bedroom window for no particular reason? Do you find it hard to maintain eye contact when you talk to people around you? Does it seem like you’re hiding from the world? Are you sick and tired of the continuous pretense that your life seems to be these days? If these questions make you stop and think, then it would do you good to keep on reading. In the following sentences, you’re going to unravel the truth behind your misery. This is exactly what Sarah did. Young, smart, intelligent and full of life, Sarah had so many possibilities ahead of her yet she chose to follow her heart. She was ready to tackle anything that life threw her way. Along came a charming young man, one thing led to another and Sarah ended up marrying him.

After just one year of their relationship she started noticing changes his behavior. These changes were along the lines of frustration with her, anger, and uncontrolled rage over trivial matters. Things started to go downhill from there. He started to degrade her and belittle things, ideas, and people that Sarah held dear. He liked to control every aspect of her life down to the kind of dresses she could wear. At first Sarah refused to see the situation for what it was because she was in denial, but as things started to get worse, she knew her relationship was now not satisfying but “toxic” in nature. She thought it was just a phase and tried her best to smooth things over, but she failed. After one year of living in hell with a man who considered her his property, to be used as he thought fit, Sarah decided she had had enough.

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