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I read your mind 'til it rolls off my French mother tongue.

Jean-baptiste philippot

JB Philippot, for seeing any new activity as a new adventure, is considered as being quite atypical on the job market. Good thing there is a life outside of the market, which he discovered through traveling(in many places around the world, including on the Mahakam river), dealing with art (1996-2006), especially primitive or tribal art (as an auction specialist and gallery owner in Paris), photography (e.g.: for the Beacon News at Aurora, Illinois), farming (in Illinois), movie making, gardening, construction site safety (in Nigeria!), and even, yes, even working for an insurance company. In 2012, when ready to settle down a bit, he wondered how he could combine stillness with adventure and what had been the guideline through all these years, and immediately thought about the language he used as a key to communicate with these people from everywhere(including with his American wife and his three children) : English. English language allowed him to project himself in a new system of thoughts, to get a better grasp on people's mind and culture. JB, then, started his own translation business, JBTranslation, and now works from his old, little stone house in the middle of the most beautiful forest in the world, and really appreciates translating other people's knowledge, adventures and visions of life into his own language, to finally impart it to his own French-speaking fellows.

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I had the pleasure of working with Jean-Baptiste on the translation into French of my book on modern poetry and creativity: Clearing the Tangled Wood: Poetry as Way of Seeing the World. He is a thorough and precise translator whom I highly recommend.