Titanic: Ghosts of Southampton Book 1 by ID Johnson

Historical romance about the sinking of Titanic.

Titanic: ghosts of southampton book 1

You can't outrun your past, not even aboard the Ship of Dreams....

Meg never dreamt she would find herself aboard Titanic, dressed in the borrowed clothes of her lady-in-waiting, hiding from her family, running from her haunting past. Now that she finally has the opportunity to escape it all, she realizes the man she has been engaged to for three years is also aboard the ship.  Their marriage was arranged by their fathers long ago, and since they've always had the Atlantic Ocean between them, Meg is able to continue her charade. However,  if Charlie discovers her true identity, she will end up breaking his heart all over again. And the more time Meg spends with Charlie, the more she realizes she's made a terrible mistake; she never should have ran away from him to begin with. 
Will Meg find a way to reveal her true identity without destroying their blossoming relationship, or will her last chance at true love end up in the abyss?

This is a stand-alone novel, but the prequel, Prelude, is now available. Read how Meg and Charlie came to find themselves aboard Titanic on that fateful night. 

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / 20th Century

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: titanic, historical romance, edwardian, shipwreck, sea stories, coming of age, romance, victorian

Word Count: 57,773

Sales info:

This book has had several Bookbub Featured Deal promotions both as 99 cents and free. It's sold 2,693 copies on Amazon, with many more KDP reads, and has had over 30,000 free downloads from Amazon during Bookbub and other promotions. It has thousands of sales on other sites as well.

On Amazon, the review is 4.5 stars on 308 review/rankings.

This book has been in the top 5 of the Amazon store during Bookbubs and number one in its categories in several countries.

I think it would do well as a translated novel because the story of Titanic is intriguing to people everywhere, regardless of what language they speak.

It also has a prequel and a sequel. The sequel has also done well on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and had Bookbub Featured Deals, so I would like to translate it as well.

Sample text:

She had not expected to find herself standing here aboard the largest cruise liner in the world, a Third Class passenger, staring back at the ever shrinking dock of her native Southampton, wondering where she was headed, how she would get there, and whom she would become upon the other side.

Yet, here she was at midday on a cold, windy April 10, staring out at a myriad of faces she, thankfully, did not recognize, wearing someone else’s dress, her hair down and billowing in the breeze, leaving everything behind, starting anew.

Well, perhaps not everything. The fresh wounds mingled with old scars, both figuratively and literally, and she couldn’t help but think about the baggage she carried with her, despite the one small carpetbag she had stowed below deck earlier before coming aboard to fake a smile and wave at strangers. It would take some time to let the lingering memories fade, let the wounds heal, let the scars dissipate. At least now, on this new journey, she was compelled to breathe a small sigh of relief, knowing there was little chance that anyone with knowledge of her former existence, with the exception of the woman standing next to her and her young family, would likely be within a thousand miles of her location in just a few days’ time. The acceptance of this information was enough to coax the forced smile to meet her eyes. Perhaps she would have some semblance of peace at last and the opportunity to start again.

That was her initial thought, anyway, until she felt the piercing sting of a penetrating gaze from over her right shoulder and glanced up to realize at least one of her problems had followed her after all.

Gasping in recognition, she turned quickly, directing her stare back at the crisp blue water below her. Though she had not intended to cause a stir, she caught the attention of her companion at her side.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Janardhan Marappa
Already translated. Translated by Bruna Martins
Author review:
Fabulous job with the translation. Quick and accurate. Communication was great as well. Would use again.
Already translated. Translated by Talía García
Author review:
Excellent job with the translation. Quick and accurate. Would use again.

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