Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career by Tracy Cooper

Book for highly sensitive people looking at career issues

Thrive: the highly sensitive person and career

In this groundbreaking book researcher and fellow HSP, Dr. Tracy Cooper, presents important new research findings that can empower you to better understand how HSPs experience the modern workplace, discover emerging new opportunities, and connect with narratives from HSPs from a wide variety of real-world viewpoints. This book is for the highly sensitive person who wishes to move beyond survival to thriving! Based on and extending the research of Dr. Elaine Aron this is a must read for all HSPs!

Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Careers / General

Secondary Genre: PSYCHOLOGY / Personality

Language: English

Keywords: highly sensitive person, career, elaine aron, sensory processing sensitivity, personality traits

Word Count: 52777

Sample text:

It is with such great pleasure that I introduce you to Thrive: the Highly Sensitive Person and Career.  Whether you are searching for the right job or career, or already in one, we all work at something and as highly sensitive people, we all need to think about our work in terms of our trait.  Above all, we need meaningful work.  That means, ideally, work that suits you, as a unique and highly sensitive person.

A sociologist friend has likened Western (and increasingly global) attitudes towards finding the right career to attitudes about finding the right life partner—fall in love with the right one and you can be happy ever after. Until the last century, the choice of both spouse and job was made for largely practical reasons.  Parents decided, or your location, social class, or economic situation provided you with few options.  Today you choose with many more options, based largely on personal choice and emotions, than a hundred years ago.  It’s a romantic view, but in line with human progress towards each person expressing his or her traits, personality, talents, preferences, and maximally, self-actualization.

People have asked me why I did not write a book on high sensitivity and work, but I was too aware that many highly sensitive have “married” the wrong job and cannot handle the pain or cost of a “divorce.”  You have families or landlords counting on your income; you feel lucky to have any job at all; or you are just plain scared of making another mistake.  I did not want to write a book in which I said, “Just go for it – HSPs must have meaningful work.” We can’t always, especially given that we also need a workplace that is not too negative socially or overstimulating.


—Elaine Aron


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