The Venetian by Shani Struthers

This Haunted World Book One

A couple go on holiday to Venice and discover its dark side...

The venetian

Their troubled past behind them, married couple, Rob and Louise, visit Venice for the first time together, looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Not just a romantic destination, it's also the 'most haunted city in the world' and soon, Louise finds herself the focus of an entity she can't quite get to grips with - a 'veiled lady' who stalks her.

After marrying young Venetian doctor, Enrico Sanuto, Charlotte moves from England to Venice, full of hope for the future. Home though is not in the city; it's on Poveglia, in the Venetian lagoon, where she is set to work in an asylum, tending to those that society shuns. As the true horror of her surroundings reveals itself, hope turns to dust.

From the labyrinthine alleys of Venice to the twisting, turning corridors of Poveglia, their fates intertwine. Vengeance only waits for so long...

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Supernatural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Ghost

Language: English

Keywords: Venice, Poveglia, Supernatural thriller, haunting, truly haunting, this haunted world, ghost story, paranormal, gothic

Word Count: 83,738

Sales info:

Published in 2016, this book has often topped the Amazon horror charts in both the UK and the USA. It has sold over 10,000 ebooks, and had more than 25,000,000 pages read in KU. It also sells well in paperback and on audio. 

Sample text:

Extract from Chapter One

Touching down on Venetian soil, Louise grabbed her husband’s arm.

“We’re here, we’re finally here!”

“I’m aware of that.” There was a wry smile on Rob’s face.

Louise leaned into him. “Oh come on, you must be excited!”

“I am, look at my face, I’m excited.”

Louise laughed. She knew his feelings matched hers, but they were on an aeroplane, a packed aeroplane, and he was a bloke; there was no way he’d be as effusive as her. Rob liked to play it cool. They’d known each other for fifteen years, been married for most of them, and it was here she’d wanted to come for their honeymoon – Venice with its gondola-strewn canals, its labyrinthine alleys and its sense of timelessness. But there’d been a house to buy, careers to forge, IVF to pay for when babies refused to come along. Recently, they’d come to a decision. They’d live life for each other, travel to all the places they wanted with Italian cities top of the hit list. They’d marvelled at the Coliseum in Rome, grown starry-eyed at art in Florence – she was still high from seeing Botticelli’s La Primavera – and admired Milan’s fashionistas. Now it was the turn of Venice, number one on her hit list but number four on his, and he’d got his way. No matter. They were here now.

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Already translated. Translated by Alessandra Elisa Paganin and Stefania Parente
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Very easy to work with, very quick and would definitely use again for future translations. Thank you!

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