The Unforeseen by Kaan Kara

The Rebels

Welcome to Purgatory, the place of those whose scale is in balance. You can stay here forever or you can ask for a second chance. It's up to you if you choose Heaven or Hell...

The unforeseen

a man dies and goes the purgatory. because he is neither bad enough to win hell nor the good enough to win heaven. angels ask if he wants for a second chance, but the man decides to work for the hell. then he is given a second life to deserve to go to hell and he tries his best.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Language: English

Keywords: hell, heaven, purgatory, second chance, god, devil, mafia, murder, hitler, sword, scale

Word Count: 33667

Sample text:

"Welcome to Purgatory" said the angel. Her voice had a delicate tone. Was she spontaneous, or was she forcing itself, I don't know. Even later I couldn't figure it out. By the way, I wasn't welcome at all to the Purgatory, but she continued: "As you see, there's nothing to do here. It's a boring place. You can go that way if you want a second chance." She pointed to one direction. I looked involuntarily to the direction she pointed, and then I looked at the angel again. I guess that my eyes were asking "To go there and do what?" as she added "My friends will help". Then the angel flew away. Its wings were opened, but she did not need to move them. She carried them as ornaments.

“So the thing called reincarnation is real", I murmured to myself. I waited there for a while. Yes, Purgatory was boring, and as far as I understood from my short experience I didn't have much to do. Yet there was no need for me to hurry. I was never one of those who pretend that "if I wrote what I have been through life, a book would come out", but if I wrote a book about my life its title would probably be "Boring". I had as much time as I wanted. Somehow I knew that. And even if I was going to the direction the angel pointed, I was going to do it because I wanted it, not because it said it. I've been told enough about what to do when I was alive. It was me to decide from now on.

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