The Thrill of The Rose by Remy Joyeuix

A Thrilling and Contemporary Romance

The thrill of the rose

Remy Joyeiux grew up roaming the farmlands of the Caribbean tropics. Like a typical islander, he spent plenty of time farming, and in adventure when not involved in farming. He considers himself to be fortunate to have lived in the tropical Caribbean and has traveled to many of the Caribbean islands and internationally on both business and pleasure.

            He writes contemporary fiction and thrilling romance occasionally weaving some of his experiences into his stories. He’s experienced the highs and lows of island life in the Caribbean. Remy finds living in the islands of the Caribbean exciting and inspirational both to write and explore.

            Mostly good weather, dazzling sunrises over the Atlantic and long walks are akin to encouragement of writing fresh eclectic work with vibrant characters. He reads extensively and spends time observing the actions and reactions of young people. He reads or listens to two to three books a week sometimes using technology to listen while doing other tasks. He has no favorite author but just loves a good story.

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: Romance, Thrill, Rose, Drama, Young adult contemporary, Young adult

Word Count: 51,000

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Sample text:

Slowly they untangled from the encircling passions which had them entwined. Raquel was bolder than he thought. She outfoxed him yet again. Not waiting for him to make a move Raquel removed his polo shirt. That was easy as he submitted and allowed her to complete the task. Swiftly and deftly she unbuttoned and unzipped his pair of shorts. Next she removed his chain. He kicked off his shoes not needing any prodding.

Then he had his turn. He unbuttoned her blouse slowly removing it and letting it fall on the floor. Almost expertly he unclipped her pink bra tossing it on the other bed in the room. Then with deftness and skill he unzipped her jeans. She assisted him in removing it. When she bent down he tickled her ass gently. She wiggled as it made her sensitive skin react. He smiled. Jason waited patiently for her to finish. Then he slowly removed her black laced panties from her waist. He took pains at sliding them down her smooth legs and she stepped out of them leaving them on the floor.

Jason gently lowered Raquel back onto the bed her head resting on the pillows. He removed her Omega necklace and joined her. They smiled at each other. He kissed her gently opening her lips to accept his tongue. Her lips were smooth and inviting. His hands caressed her tummy. In tandem she stroked his head lovingly. Their movements were deliberate, teasing and erotic.

Raquel ascended a bit ensuring that she could reach to return his kiss. Fire erupted in their bodies the moment her wet lips latched onto his. Their tongues collided and both of them began to breathe rapidly, consuming each other with unbridled desire.

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