The Soul's book by Antonio Almas

Thoughts about the essence of life

The soul's book

This book pretend to be the vision of the author about life. He write small texts about what he thought to be the essence of life and the way this essence shapes his own life.

The author creates what he things to be the five philosophies of life, and start from there he walks through his mind looking for answers for  himself's existence.
A book to think about...

Genre: PHILOSOPHY / Metaphysics

Secondary Genre: PHILOSOPHY / General

Language: English

Keywords: philosophy, thought, theory, mysticism, sensibility

Word Count: 4049

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The book is selling through internet quite well

Sample text:

The air philosophy

How we want to fly if we consider the void like an empty space instead of seeing in it a hole full of air? The magic of flying is to feel the wind around our body, flowing through us, as if it is a soft solid which sustains our weight through the air. But how to perform this wonder? Where to get the strength to overcome gravity? All the power to feel the flight relies on the way you feel the energy inside of you. How you redirect your emotions to create imaginary wings in your dream's backs.

Flying isn't only an action, it's above all, a sensation, and the human beings lives over this emotional feelings. If you ever want to feel free of flying, you have to learn the philosophy of the air, that tiny layer that supports your dreams of divine into the sky.


The water philosophy

Why are we have afraid of diving into the sea? Don't we remember anymore that we are born in an inland sea? The world we live in today is surrounded by water, just to remind us of our beginning. Walk to the seashore, feel how your body is touched by the ocean, let you go inside, and let it awaken the sensations that involve your skin. One last deep breath before letting go, in this flow. You are entering in another world, all your senses have changed, now you have returned home. Everything around you is peaceful, your body floats, and the rhythm of your heart gets slower, you feel like you are at a different speed of life. Forget about breath, just enjoy the moment, let yourself feel the embrace of your primitive world. In the beginning there are no troubles, pain, or suffering, just peace and quiet, love and emotions. Stay, until your body claims that poisoned air.

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Already translated. Translated by Florence Barnichon Luron
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Excelent work, very accurated and keep the timetable. Congratulations, I'm very happy to work with Florence.
Already translated. Translated by Monja Areniello
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Fast and excelent translator, she grads the essence of the work and make it perfect in her mother language. Amazing. Thank You Monja.
Already translated. Translated by Eliane Carvalho
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Very nice translator, good work, faster, enjoy working with.
Already translated. Translated by ANA RAMIREZ
Author review:
Very accurate translation, she understood the meaning of the author, that is half of the way for an excellent translation. Recommended.

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