The Shoulders of Giants (A Jake Abraham Mystery) by Jim Cliff

A missing girl. A ruthless killer. A rookie P.I.

The shoulders of giants (a jake abraham mystery)

Jake Abraham is a child of the 80s, brought up by Jim Rockford, Thomas Magnum and three beautiful girls who worked for a man named Charlie. He's loving his new job as a Private Investigator and already has his first client - a disgraced former police captain whose daughter has disappeared. 


When the girl shows up dead, Jake is drawn into a dangerous world of organised crime, police corruption, infidelity and serial murder. 


With a terrified city in the grip of a killer who's always one step ahead of the police, how can a raw young P.I. hope to make a difference? 


The Shoulders of Giants is a fun, fast paced thriller in the mold of Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker. 

Genre: FICTION / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English


Word Count: 72000

Sales info:

The book has 178 reviews in the US with an average of 4.1 stars, and 32 reviews in the UK with a 4.4 average.

It's currently selling between 10 and 50 copies a month with no promotion from me for a while, but I'm getting ready to release a free novella in the same series to use as a lead magnet and drive sales of the novel.

Sample text:

Patterson finished his drink and ordered another. A double scotch on the rocks. I ordered a Coke, no rocks. Never drink in front of a client. If I'd had time to formulate a set of rules, I'm sure that would have been one of them. Our drinks came and we moved to a booth at the back of the bar. Patterson spoke first.

"I'd like to hire you," he said, "to find my daughter."

I took out a notepad and pencil.

"Susan just started her sophomore year at UIC." He took a photo from his wallet and handed it to me. She was very attractive. She had long dark hair, large doe eyes, and Liv Tyler lips.

"How long has she been missing?" I said.

"She was supposed to come round last night. When she didn't show up I called her roommate, who said she hadn't seen her since Friday evening."

"Where did she go Friday night?" I hoped I was asking the right questions.

"She went to a bar, or a nightclub. You'd have to ask Denise. That's Susan's roommate. I'll give you their address."

"Well, she hasn't been gone long. Have you thought maybe she met someone, and forgot she was supposed to come see you yesterday? You know what college students are like." I wondered if he did.

"She didn't forget." He took a deep breath. "Yesterday was my fiftieth birthday, Mr Abraham. Susan had planned a big surprise party at my house. When I got home at six, all the guests were waiting in the street. She should have been there at five to let them all in and set everything up. They were all very embarrassed, and told me what they were doing there. I said not to worry, she was probably stuck in traffic, and that we should wait for her before starting to celebrate. We waited. She didn't come. She'd been planning it for over a month. She didn't forget."

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