The Secret of Killer's Knob by Darrell Case

When Buck and The Blue Grass Killer finally meet face to face, only one of them will come out alive.

The secret of killer's knob

Sherriff Buck Olsen has survived two shootouts, the death of his wife and 29 years in law enforcement. The blue grass killer is murdering women in Bucks county. That makes it personal. 21 women are dead and unless Buck can stop him more will die. Determined to catch this serial killer, Buck makes himself a target. Now the killer is stalking him.

As a Christian, Buck sees beyond the grave. He knows his beloved Matty is waiting for him in heaven. But he has no plans to join her soon. When Buck and The Blue Grass Killer finally meet face to face, only one of them will come out alive.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Religious

Language: English

Keywords: Christian fiction, mystery, thriller

Word Count: 60,208

Sales info:

3 5 star

Case is a creative and engaging writer. His books are easy to pick up and hard to put down. The plot lines are not overly complicated, but are attractive. I especially appreciate the absence of distasteful and inappropriate things found in so many books today.

Sample text:




He wound his way through the scrub trees, blackberry briars, and thistles, paying no mind to them pulling at his clothes. This trophy would complete his collection of victims buried on Killer’s Knob. The last to lie in this barren Kentucky patch of ground. The woman, though small, grew heavier with each step.




He stopped to douse the lantern before climbing the hill. Dumping her on the ground, he rolled his shoulders to loosen the kinks. He waited l his eyes became accustomed to the dark. The full moon flitted in and out of the clouds. He looked at the luminous numbers on  his watch: 2:10 AM. Lightning flashed in the west. The storm was coming fast he had less than an hour.




An owl called from a nearby oak. He knew some Native Americans believed owls carried the spirits of the dead. Was she here, watching her murderer preparing to bury her? He shivered at the thought, yet it was not an uncomfortable sensation. With an eye on the thickening storm clouds, he hauled up her corpse and continued climbing the hill. Reaching the top, he shook her off. Her head bounced off a headstone. It didn’t matter. She was past feeling.




He surveyed the flat land below him. No lights this time of morning.  He must be the only one up. There was only one house within a mile. In the last hundred years, his were the only kills buried in this forsaken ground. He buried his first victim here three years ago. This one would be the last. Tomorrow he would seek another graveyard, a piece of ground where the weeds grew thick and the dead lay forgotten.





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