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Darrell case

“I seriously doubt I would have written the first story if it had not been for a bogus literary agent. I had always thought being a writer was the greatest occupation in the world.”

Darrell Case

Darrell Case is the author of seven novels, three collections of short stories, two nonfiction books and one book for young readers. He contributes regularly to Call to Glory a daily devotional with a readership of over 33,000.

Returning from a mission’s trip to the Ukraine in 1994, Darrell received a postcard from a literary agent named Jones. He asks Darrell to send in his manuscript. The problem? Darrell had never written a book. Jones was later arrested and charged with fraud.

However, this phony literary agent’s postcard awakened a spark which had lain dormant in Darrell since high school. He started getting up at 5 a.m. to write.

Darrell completed his first novel, Never Ending Spring, in 1996. Although his novel was rejected by many publishers, his wife Connie encouraged him to keep going. Since publishing his first novel, Darrell has written 12 more books. Connie’s faith in Darrell’s writing was justified in 2020 when Author Elite Awards named Never Ending Spring as best mystery for that year.

After Connie’s passing in July 2021, Darrell retired from 40 years in the jail and prison ministry is now writing full time. His new book, a nonfiction entitle A Better Way to Live, is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2022.

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