The Revolutionary Atkins Diet by Diana Watson

Say Goodbye To Those Stubborn Belly Fats Forever And Start Loving Yourself Again With This Amazing Low-Carb Solution!

The revolutionary atkins diet

Say Goodbye To Those Stubborn Belly Fats Forever And Start Loving Yourself Again With This Amazing Low-Carb Solution!


Are you tired of struggling with your weight goals year after year?  Do you find yourself bouncing back after having experienced some success with your weight with other diets and exercise? And most importantly, are you someone who is looking for a healthy, easy, and effortless way to kick start a diet plan that is guaranteed to work for you in the long term? 


Well introducing the The Revolutionary Atkins Diet -  Say Goodbye to those stubborn Belly Fat Forever! 


The Atkins Diet found in this book uses low carb, high protein and fats meal plan to ensure weight loss and maintenance is at the very core of its benefits. The Atkins diet is unique because it brings the body to a better state in phases, gradually acclimatising you for success. It's a great way to lose weight healthily and effortlessly. 


Note: If you are at risk for type two diabetes or high blood pressure, this diet can also help you regulate your glucose and lower your blood pressure naturally because of it's low-carb, low-sugar diet. 



In The Revolutionary Atkins Diet You Will Receive: 

An Abundant List Of Recipes To Help You Make The Journey Enjoyable And Fun
An Introduction To What The Atkins Diet is And It's 4 Phases
A 7-Day Meal Plan To Get You In A Routine
Atkins Diet Recipes For Breakfast 
Atkins Diet Recipes For Lunch
Atkins Diet Recipes For Dinner
Healthy Meals That Work Towards Helping You Achieve Better Health and a Healthier Body!


Who says you have to starve to lose weight? Here Are Some Recpies That I know You Are Going To Love In The Revolutionary Atkins Diet To Keep You Satisfied While Working Toward Your Goals: 

Spinach, Sausage and Feta Frittata
Cream Cheese Pancakes
Antipasto Salad
Feta and Sun-dried Tomato Meatballs
Cuban Pot Roast
Banana Split Cake
And Much Much More....


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This book is currently at 86,000 in ranking and climbing. It has been selling very well the past couple of months. It has a big market in Brazil for growth in portugese as well. 

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The Atkins diet is a low carbohydrate diet which is also high in proteins and fats. This diet will help you lose weight, and the fun part is that it allows you to eat as many fats and proteins you want. The main things that you have to stay away from are high carb foods.

Studies over the past 12 years have shown that low-carb diets are an effective way to lose weight without having to count calories. It could also improve some other health problems you might have.


How it Works

So, exactly how does the Atkins diet works? Low carb diets will help you suppress your hunger. The biggest downfall of most diets is the hunger. Most diets that say they are going to help you lose weight will cause you to gain weight because you feel hungry all the time. Having a lower carbohydrate intake and increasing your proteins and fats will keep you feeling fuller longer. With low-fat diets, people have to work to lower their caloric intake. This is what causes you to have cravings.

Most people will end up losing weight far faster by way of a low carb diet than by way of a low-fat diet. Low carbs will help your body get rid of excess water. Low carb diets also help to reduce insulin, and this causes the kidneys to get rid of extra sodium build up. This will cause faster weight loss during the first few weeks. People on a low carb diet usually lose about two times more weight than low-fat dieters.


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