The Red Baron by Richard Fox

The World War I fighter ace struggles through physical and emotional stress to keep fighting a war he can't win.

The red baron

At the dawn of the First World War, Manfred von Richthofen sought glory. What he found was misery. Sentenced to a meaningless staff position after losing his first battle, Richthofen joins the fledgling German air force and discovers his deadly talent for air to air combat. 

In the air, victory and renown come at the expense of other men’s lives and with a burden that grinds against his soul. To the soldiers and people of Germany, he was the pride of an empire. To his foes, he was the Red Baron. As wounds to his body and spirit mount, Richthofen learns that even heroes have limits. As the war enters the final stages, finding the strength to keep fighting will be his greatest battle. 

Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English


Word Count: 65000

Sales info:

I'm looking for a tranlsation into German first. If other translators have a passion for this book, then please let me know. 

The book sold has sold almost 500 copies in the last month, and cracked the top 1000 Amazon sales ranking on 04MAR. The audiobook is in the final states and will be released within the next week. The book is available on Amazon until next week, when it will launch on all other platforms. 

The book has been well reviewed and continues to sell well. 

I did a great deal of research to keep the story as true to the historical record as possible. While there are a few deviations and ommissions for the sake of pacing, the story is much more true to life than the 2008 Red Baron film. 

Sample text:

First Lieutenant Manfred von Richthofen peered over the side of his cockpit, searching the sky for English planes. The freezing air bit at his exposed skin as he leaned farther into the wind. The French countryside, once the breadbasket for Paris, was scarred by shell holes. An irregular line of trenches cut through the once neat vineyards and plots of wheat, like stitches across a wound.

Manfred’s plane, an Albatros D.III, was red from tip to tail. His heraldry marked him out for his fellow pilots to recognize, and for his enemies to fear. With forty-eight victories to his name and Germany’s top ace, the blood-red plane was Manfred’s calling card.

The growl of an engine rose from the other side of his plane. Manfred turned and saw a red-and-yellow biplane dip into view. His brother, Lothar, pointed toward a lone cloud below their position. A distant flight of five enemy planes flew east toward the German lines. Manfred smiled; he could always count on Lothar’s sharp eyes.

Manfred lowered and raised his plane’s nose until the third German pilot, Lt. Kurt Wolff, acknowledged his commander with a thumbs-up. Manfred pulled his Albatros up and over into an Immelmann maneuver, changing direction to match their enemy. Manfred checked over his shoulder to locate the sun to position his attack. Five-on-three odds didn’t bother him, not with the sun to his back and two of Germany’s best pilots on his wing.




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Already translated. Translated by Frank Dietz
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Frank is one of the best English to German translators on the market. He did a superb job on translating The Red Baron into German, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of military terms and history that is of tremendous value. Frank should be the first person you contact for all your English to German translating needs.
Already translated. Translated by Matteo Serrago
Already translated. Translated by Christiane Jost
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Great work and done well before the deadline.
Translation in progress. Translated by Francisco Dengra

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