The Orphan by Elaina J. Davidson

An orphaned boy searches for a lost girl.

The orphan

A woman abandons her new-born at a motel in the back of beyond. Adin grows up unloved, bullied, and no one remembers him. He doesn’t exist.

Until he sees a poster for a missing girl on a lamppost. There is an instant connection to little Sunflower, kidnapped for ransom, only to disappear after the money is paid. He exists because he must find her. Alone, he searches, a journey that takes him into the wild places, meeting along the way some interesting characters.

In dreams he speaks to her, for she is the one who will remember him.

Genre: FICTION / Magical Realism

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: dreams, novella, lost and found, kidnapping, crime, paranormal

Word Count: 33600

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Sample text:

HIS HUNGRY WAILS eventually drew the attention of the spotty-faced teenager manning the reception desk inside the gloomy office of the motel tucked away in a fold between nowhere and everywhere.

The kid pounded on the door of number 5 and when no one answered his summons, he used his key to unlock the barrier. An instant later he bailed out, shouting for his mother.

“Ma! Come!”

“What you making such a ruckus for?”

Macy Black had long ago given up expecting anything good to come her way and had surrendered to the inevitability of making ends meet in a backwater place. It showed in her tired hazel eyes, her sagging chin, the lines of bitter times that marked her face.

She moved slowly across from the office, having sneaked a quick drink when Jason went knocking at number 5, to stand arms akimbo in the paved courtyard that fronted the row of rooms.

‘Courtyard’ was a fancy term she insisted on for the brochure, while ‘paved’ was an outright lie. Flat stones almost choked in weeds did duty as paving, but was nowhere near uniform or even level.


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Already translated. Translated by Sofia Rezende Pereira e Silva
Author review:
I would like to thank Sofia for stellar work. Not only is she punctual, but she maintained original formatting, which makes the proofing so easy. Highly, highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Talía García
Author review:
Talia is punctual, professional and offers a swift turnaround. Probably the most stress-free translation project I've had to date - highly recommend!

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