The New Girl: Book 1 - The Twins' New Neighbor by Katrina Kahler

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The story of Ali and Casey, from the very popular series, "Twins," continues in this exciting book for girls.

The new girl: book 1 - the twins' new neighbor

The New Girl - Book 1: The Twins' New Neighbor
The story of Ali and Casey, from the very popular series, "Twins," continues in this exciting book for girls.

When a new girl named Alexa moves into the neighborhood, the twins take an avid interest. However, Alexa comes from a very different background and struggles to accept her new surroundings, as well as the girls who seem so intent on getting to know her.

Ali, who is overwhelmed by the changes in her life since her parents’ marriage, decides to pursue Alexa’s friendship, regardless. But will this work out in Ali’s favor, or will her life spiral further out of control? Sometimes, people are not what they seem. Who is the new girl? What secrets does she have hidden away, and what impact will she have on our favorite twin girls?

If you are a fan of the “Twins” series, you're sure to love this story too. It’s full of plot twists and turns and unexpected surprises — a fabulous book for girls.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Love & Romance

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Friendship

Language: English

Keywords: books for girls 9-12, tween books for girls ages 11-14, girls books 9-12, diary books for girls, teenage books for girls, friendship social skills and school life, Twins

Word Count: 24580

Sales info:

 #15,947 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

#159 in Children's Books on Friendship
#631 in Children's Friendship Books

Sample text:

A wildfire had erupted in bushland a few miles away, and we were all on edge. When a pounding knock sounded on the front door, I rushed to open it. Behind the agitated firefighter, the sky was filled with an orange glow, and thick smoke filled the air.

“The fire’s headed this way, and you need to leave now!” the man yelled at my uncle, who had appeared behind me. “Grab your kids and any pets and get out. If you have nowhere else to go, there’s an evacuation center being set up at the community hall on the other side of town.”

Aunt Beth hurried over to us, her face crumpling. “Can we pack a bag?”

“No!” The firefighter’s abrupt retort made her jump. “This area is under serious threat. We’re evacuating everyone.”

Outside, we saw a police car driving slowly by. A commanding voice sounded through a megaphone. “You must evacuate! All residents need to leave the area immediately. You must evacuate. Evacuation center at the town community hall. Everyone evacuate immediately!” The words were repeated over and over as the car patrolled the streets.

“Come on!” my uncle urged Aunt Beth. “We have to go!” He reached for the car keys that were sitting on the hallway sideboard and tugged on my younger brother’s arm, shuffling him out the door. “Tyler, move!”

My brother turned to me in horror.

“It’ll be okay, Tyler,” I tried to assure him.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

I had no idea what he was apologizing for, but there was no time to question him further.

“Come on! Come on!” Uncle Vern’s panicked voice urged us. “Get in the car!”

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