The Mere Treaty by J.A. Culican

There is no question about the birth of the Keeper of Dragons, a time of fear is now.

The mere treaty

There is no question about the birth of the Keeper of Dragons, a time of fear is now.

A Dark Future

The elves and trolls are gone - stolen by the malicious King Eldrick for their magic. Cole and Eva, the Keeper of Dragons are at odds. Eva is convinced the mermaids are their last hope but Cole wants to head north towards King Eldrick to seek out the rest of the eldens.

An Uncertain Fate

Plagued with nightmares, the death of all true beings weighs heavily on Cole's mind. His weakness scares him, and Eva doubts her true reason for being the Golden Dragon.

A Battle Between Good and Evil.

There is no choice. All must fight. But only one side can win. Will today be the day when evil finally triumphs for good? Or can the Keeper of Dragons finally put an end to King Eldrick?

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Interactive Adventures

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Language: English

Keywords: dragon books, magic, dragon shifters, fantasy series, urban fantasy, magical creatures, sword and sorcery

Word Count: 50379

Sales info:

USA Today Bestselling series

Sample text:


Sixty-seven minutes. That’s how long it had been since Eldrick won. Not just won, but demolished us. Gaber hadn’t moved from the spot we found him in and no one had said a word. Reality of the events hadn’t kicked in yet, or maybe I was just in shock.

I finally found my feet and wandered a few yards away to an old tree stump. My whole body ached, and not just physically. My heart was broken. All the Elves and Trolls that we’d left behind were gone, kidnapped by the Elden. My head spun with all the possibilities of their fate. A fate they entrusted to me.

A loud clanking sound met my ears as a large shadow enveloped me. My heart jumped when my eyes met Jericho’s.

“You need to stay close, my prince.” He growled and tilted his head to the ground beside him.

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Translation in progress. Translated by Sayaka Yamada
Already translated. Translated by Erika Reyes Alvarez

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