The Mad Countess by Erica Monroe

True love must break the curse of madness in this dark, emotional Gothic Regency Romance...

The mad countess

True love must break the curse of madness in this dark, emotional Gothic Regency Romance...

When Lady Claire Deering's mother enters an insane asylum, society is quick to scorn her, dubbing her the Mad Daughter. But Claire's tattered reputation is the least of her worries, as those rumors hold a horrible, terrifying truth: the Deering women are victims of a dark witch's curse. If Claire marries her true love, she'll spend the rest of her life under the thrall of madness.To save herself, she remains isolated...until a will reading at a mysterious castle on All Hallows Eve places her in close confines with her dearest friend and secret love.

Bashful, scholarly Teddy Lockwood has never met a rule he didn't rejoice in following. When he unexpectedly inherits the Ashbrooke earldom, he's determined to turn over a new, more courageous leaf--starting with telling Claire that he's loved her since they were children. The will reading presents the perfect opportunity to win her heart, even if he's vastly out of his element at this enigmatic, shadowy Cornwall castle. Soon, the simmering passion between them becomes unstoppable. Now, to save the love of his life, Teddy will do whatever it takes to break the dark magic's hold on Claire. Will Claire spend her life within the grips of strange delirium, or will love prove the strongest of all?

This novella was previously released in the Mystified anthology.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Gothic

Language: English

Keywords: gothic romance, historical romance, regency romance, regency lords, novella, paranormal romance, gothic brides, friends to lovers

Word Count: 30000

Sales info:

USA Today Bestselling Author

8 books published, all historical romance

Received two A reviews from Smart B*tches, Trashy Books

Had a Desert Island Keeper review from All About Romance

Sample text:


It was such an innocuous word, when printed so tidily in the pages of Lady Claire Deering’s journal. She had neat, tiny handwriting. When she was locked up in a cell in an asylum like her mother had been, was that what they’d remember about her? Unadorned, clear script, a direct contrast to her dark, deranged mind. The mad were only to be whispered about, a harrowing bedtime story meant to caution children to confine to society morals.

Be a good girl, darling, or you’ll end up like those savages.

But Claire knew better. It did not matter how good she tried to be, or how much she prayed that the wickedness would escape her. Some things were simply unavoidable, when one had been cursed. The madness had taken her mother and her aunt, and some day it would claim her too. Until that day, she would bide her time. Silently. Alone.

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Already translated. Translated by Rosaria Manuela Distefano
Author review:
Rosaria is extremely thorough. She takes the time to answer questions, and she is very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed working with her.
Already translated. Translated by Mariana C. Dias
Author review:
Mariana did an exceptional job translating my Regency romance. She was very easy to work with and communicated well. She met the deadlines and I feel like she really provided a great translation.
Already translated. Translated by Silvia Castro
Author review:
Silvia was a great translator! Extremely thorough, communicated well, and she really went above and beyond for my book.

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