The Hole by Brandon Q. Morris

Hard Science Fiction

A black hole threatens Earth

The hole

A mysterious object threatens to destroy our solar system. The survival of humankind is at risk, but nobody takes the warning of young astrophysicist Maribel Pedreira seriously. At the same time, an exiled crew of outcasts mines for rare minerals on a lone asteroid. 

When other scientists finally acknowledge Pedreira’s alarming discovery, it becomes clear that these outcasts are the only ones who may be able to save our world, knowing that THE HOLE hurtles inexorably toward the sun.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / High Tech

Language: English

Keywords: Hard SF

Word Count: 80000

Sales info:

40.000 copies sold

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Already translated.
Already translated. Translated by Paola Sambruna and Alessandra Elisa Paganin
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Great work! Thank you.
Already translated.

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