The Girls on Rose Hill by Bernadette Walsh

Three generations of women. Three generations of secrets.

The girls on rose hill

Ellen Murphy spent her childhood in an idyllic house by the sea. A house surrounded by flower filled gardens and a white picket fence. A house she fled at eighteen. A house full of secrets. 

    When Ellen’s mother Rose, an ex-nun, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Ellen reluctantly returns home to care for her and uncovers a clue to the one secret that has haunted Ellen all her life: the identity of her father.  But that is just one of the many secrets hidden behind the beautiful facade of the house on Rose Hill. 

Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 61000

Sales info:

Released in Aug 2014.  Rankings range from 50,000 to 100,000

Sample text:

As I looked at Brendan from this distance, I tried to remember what it was that originally entranced me so. To be honest, I'd never had a shortage of boyfriends, and while Brendan with his dark auburn hair and brash confidence was certainly attractive, he wasn't the best looking guy I'd ever dated. I certainly didn't think of him as boyfriend material when he first interviewed me for a summer associate position at his white shoe law firm. To me, he was yet another middle-aged partner I had to try and impress with my middling law school grades. Not surprisingly, his firm didn't give me an offer since they usually limited their summer associate class to the brainiacs on law review. What was surprising was the phone message he left me three weeks later.

My dates in law school usually consisted of keg parties at dingy Capital Hill apartments. Brendan took me to only the finest restaurants, sprinkled with tickets to the Kennedy Center. As an impoverished student subsisting on meager student loans, initially the meals were as much of an attraction as the man. However, Brendan slowly won me over. When he turned on the charm, you really felt like the most beautiful, most intriguing woman in the world, and such concentrated attention was intoxicating. And the sex, well it was intoxicating as well, especially since it occurred in his elegant Georgetown townhouse rather than a cramped student share house that smelt of dirty socks and cheap aftershave. Although I had to laugh when on our first night together after Brendan disentangled himself from my naked limbs, he scampered quickly to the bathroom and returned wearing a robe, striped pajamas and slippers. I told him he looked like an old man. Little did I know then I'd spend the next twenty years washing and ironing replicas of those ridiculous pajamas.





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Already translated. Translated by Mirna Tagliaferri
Already translated. Translated by Patrícia Pinto
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Patricia was great to work with
Already translated. Translated by Vanesa Cavuoti
Author review:
Vanessa was very responsive and easy to deal with

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