Bernadette Walsh (author)

Bernadette Walsh, award author of women's fiction and contemporary and paranormal romance

Bernadette walsh

Bernadette Walsh is   a   native   New   Yorker   who,  when she isn’t busy practicing law and tormenting her fellow commuters   on   the   Long   Island   Rail   Road   with   the   tap-­tap-­tapping   of   her   laptop,   enjoys   reading   and   now   writing   novels.   As   the   daughter   of   an   Irish   immigrant,  she  has  always  been  fascinated  by  the  Irish   immigrant   experience   and   explores   some   of   these   themes  in  The  Girls on Rose Hill.  Bernadette  has  won   several  writing  contests.  The  Girls on Rose Hill is  her   sixth  published  novel. Kensington Publishing has published five of her other titles: Gold Coast Wives, and the four books of her paranormal series, The Devlin Legacy (comprised of Devil’s Mountain; Devil’s Shore; Devil’s Daughter; and The Devlin Witch).   Cold Spring, her women’s fiction title will be released in October 2014. Bernadette’s books are available on most e-retailer sites.


    Bernadette also hosts a show on blogtalkradio, Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books, where she interviews various members of the publishing industry. In 2013 Bernadette was named a “featured host” by blogtalkradio.


    Further information about Bernadette’s books and radio show can be found at


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Can anyone ever really escape their past?
Sometimes your best friend can be your worst enemy.
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Three generations of women. Three generations of secrets.