The Garnet Dagger by Andrea R. Cooper

What happens when a vampire bites an Elvin?

The garnet dagger

Forbidden to cross the Elvin barrier into human lands, Brock cannot sate his curiosity. Cursed by a vampire bite that forces him to feed on the life-essence of others, he is unable to touch another without taking their life.

Chained by prophesy, he must find a witch, pierce her heart, and draw her blood for his cure.

Celeste must escape the monks who have held her prisoner for years. Her magic has been kept dormant by her captors. An ancient powerful Warloc craves her powers. If he succeeds in devouring her magic, she and the world will die.

When Brock falls in love with Celeste before realizing her demise is his cure, will love triumph over his desire to be healed? Will he risk everything to save her from a Warloc, an oath breaker, who also wants her dead?

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: Elvin, swords & sorcery, epic fantasy, fantasy romance, dragons, witch, warlock

Word Count: 53,750

Sales info:

2013 - UP Author Approved (The Garnet Dagger)

Book was previously with publisher, but I got my rights back and a new covers. This is Book 1 of a series and I'd love to get all 4 books translated.

Amazon hasn't transferred my previous rankings/ratings yet but they are still listed on the paperback (with the old cover). This story has also been re-edited as well.

Below is info copied from Amazon on the paperback:

The Garnet Dagger by Andrea R. Cooper (2013-07-29) Paperback – 

by Andrea R. Cooper  (Author)
4.1 out of 5 stars    62 customer reviews
Book 1 of 2 in the Legends of Oblivion Series

Sample text:

I’ve known death. For over half a millennium, I escorted many to death at the end of my sword. I will never forget the eyes of the dying as it shrouded them. Foolishly, thinking countless more eras would pass before death came for me. It came so swiftly that I could not run; I could not escape.

At a village, dressed in human clothes, I absorbed everything. Being Elvin, has its advantages linguistically as does sneaking out for centuries. Their hobbled homes burrowed into the ground. Rocks crunched on top one another with thatched roofs made from woven straw. I had never seen a home or inn that was higher than three levels, as if they were afraid of the sky.

Jugglers bounced torches and knives hypnotically delaying my return to my people. It was autumn equinox and the festivities would continue well into the night. Children laughed as they chased each other. A trail of leaves from their costumes twirled after them. It was dark when I reached the forest. Choosing a shorter hike up the hill rather than the long path back would make up for lost time. I didn’t need to alert the Elvin guards patrolling the barrier of my escapade. Liana would worry that I was late. Tomorrow night would be the two month anniversary of our hand twining ceremony. One more month as was customary, then we would wed.

A gasp rustled through the dry leaves. Nearby, the tree roots shot a warning to me. There was no time to change back into my Elvin garb. After I passed the border, which kept men from entering our land, I’d made a quick change back to my Elvin tunic I had hidden in my pack.

In the distance, a groan broke through the chirping crickets. Curiosity spun me around. The autumn breeze shifted through my worn human clothes, chilling me. Someone may need help and I dashed in the direction of the sounds.


Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Marlies Perman
Already translated. Translated by Michela Venturi
Already translated. Translated by Aline Herold
Already translated. Translated by Claudio Valerio Gaetani and Josselyn Andrea De León Rodríguez

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