The Fragrance of Surrender by April Geremia

Two stories - Gabriela's battle against faith while her son embraces it and the village mystery - develop together so quickly that this is a book difficult to put down.

The fragrance of surrender

​A tragic life. A search for faith. And a lifelong mystery.

Gabriella’s life has been filled with tragedy, including the mystery of why her own parents disappeared one night, leaving her alone at a tender young age. After her husband dies, she and her son move to her childhood home—a house on a cliff by the sea in a village time has left behind. 

As she unravels the mystery of her parent’s disappearance, will she come to trust the God she views with suspicion? And what role will her young son play in her decision? 

The Fragrance of Surrender is a faith-building novel that many readers say changed their lives forever.

Genre: FICTION / Christian / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Christian / Suspense

Language: English


Word Count: 64,602

Sales info:

This book has done well. It's currently ranked at 147,000 only because I haven't run a promotion in a few months. I have one scheduled for the 19th. It's available as a Kindle, paperback and on audio, and I would like to expand its reach to both the Spanish and German markets.

Sample text:




Gabriella only half understood what she was about to do. After all, she wasn’t a believer. She couldn’t have understood that the Host of Heaven stood by, silently urging her to utter the prayer that would put into motion the plan that was set before the beginning of time. There was no way for her to fathom what it meant to trust her child’s life to God and His plan. She couldn’t anticipate the gnawing pain of uncertainty, the painful releasing of her own will, the unimaginable loosening of her embrace. The awful, relentless letting go.

No, the only thing on Gabriella’s mind at that moment was the life of her only son. The punishing rain whipped hard against her skin, and she felt the urging of unseen forces. A determined gust of wind compelled her to her knees—the tears of soul-understanding violently coursed down her cheeks.

“God, if you’re really there,” she whispered. “Please don’t take my son away from me.”

Gabriella paused, tried to quell the panic threatening to overwhelm her. The wind continued to push her to the ground. She swallowed roughly and lifted her eyes toward the sky. She was desperate, would do anything if only Sammy could live. Even petition this God she had grown to hate. “If you’ll spare my Sammy, I promise to relinquish control of his future and put it into your hands. I make this oath to you: Let him live, and I’ll give him back to you.”

And so it was.

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Already translated. Translated by Eva Markert and Christina Löw
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A wonderful experience. I highly recommend working with Eva and Christina!
Already translated. Translated by Irene Aprile
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Wonderful project with a great translator. Thank you!
Already translated. Translated by annie blue
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Absolute perfection. Thank you SO much, Annie!
Already translated. Translated by Silvana Borghi

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