The Forgotten Art of Happiness by Ali Zakaria

52 ideas that will change your life

A 4 year journey researching happiness

The forgotten art of happiness

Do you wake up every morning unsatisfied with where you are in life?

 You thought that achieving monetary success is the way to happiness, but it is not happening.

Ali Zakaria is a judge in Cairo, Egypt who witnessed litigations daily in the courtroom and witnessed how success and winning did not always bring happiness. Divorce, theft, assassinations, he has seen it all. He spent 5 years and hundreds of court cases trying to answer these questions about happiness for himself and others.

1. Does more money always makes us happier? If not why?

2. Does winning always improve life? If not why?

3. Does revenge heal wounds?

In this read, Ali Zakaria offers a unique approach to happiness from his experience listening to and deciding litigations.

- The real happiness mindset: the mindset to wake up to every morning - The actions that make us smile: what are the activities that can make you happy on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis

- The happy diet: food and magic beverage to supercharge your mood

- Happy relationships: how to develop relationships make your day better, not bitter

- Releasing your happiness hormones Don’t let yourself fall into a happiness scam again: more money, more success, more power.

Learn to build a lifestyle that brings real and sustainable happiness. If you don’t want your life to become a courtroom case, click buy now and learn from Ali’s experience.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Emotions

Language: English

Keywords: happiness, self-help, wellbeing

Word Count: 2500

Sales info:

The book sold more than 1000 copies in the Egyptian market as an English book in Bookstores.

The Arabic version sold more than 1000 copies in the Egyptian markets

Amazon ebook, Paperback, and audiobook sold more than 2000 copies 

Sample text:

The first thing you have to do in order to be happy decides to be happy. I always made decisions I did not stick with but after a while, I discovered the decision was not something that you make once and for all; it is something you need to renew as long as you walk through life. To exemplify, when you subscribe to a gym and work out every day, you have decided that going to the gym is important to you. You don’t think about that decision again, about whether it was right or wrong, whenever you have a muscle strain; you may take some rest, but you never give up.

Happiness is the same; you should know that happiness is something you have to decide, create, and experience in your daily life. Most of us face a similar problem after we make the decision to be happy. We negotiate with ourselves along the way, we doubt our decisions, and we question ourselves. Why should we be happy when everyone is neutral? Why should we be happy when we are faced with so many challenges in life? You should know that the middle of the road is not the place to make up your mind or make a decision that you should have made sooner. You should also be aware of the reason why you are reconsidering the decision; it might be due to hunger, fatigue, stress, or even hanging out with the wrong people.

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