The Divine Finalisation by Martin Lundqvist

The release of Rangda threatens the future of humanity. But what if, we could turn back time?

The divine finalisation

The release of Rangda threatens the future of humanity.
But, what if, we could turn back time?

The Divine Finalisation is the third and final book in The Divine Zetan Trilogy and takes place straight after the events of The Divine Sedition.

Witnessing Keila massacring the Terran Council leaders, Hilda Muller fights valiantly and becomes one out of few survivors from the Xeno attack on the House Rashid capital Rashidium. Filled with a desire to fight back and sensing the opportunity to seize power of the Terran Council, Hilda leads the resistance against the Xenos and forces the alien invaders to retreat into the Divine Dimension.

Meanwhile, on Mars, the demented Martian leader Melchior Dorovitch is telepathically influenced by Rangda, to commit unspeakable atrocities against the Martian population while raising an unstoppable army of human/Xeno hybrids to help Rangda defeat her eternal enemies: the Zetans.

On Eden, Metatron is filled with grief over losing Keila and uses a surrogate mother to give birth to his and Keila’s daughter Sabina. Sabina turns out to be the messiah of the 29th century, but is she strong enough to face the unstoppable monstrosity Rangda, whose powers are increasing every day?

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Opera

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Time Travel

Language: English

Keywords: The Chosen One, The True Maker, Prodigy child, Cannibalistic God Emperor, Rangda, apocalypse, time travel

Word Count: 84000

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Sample text:

4.11 Melchior’s betrayal: The slaughter of the Zetans

An hour later, just before the Xenos were about to reach the base, Melchior, Helen and a group of Melchior’s Martian-Xeno hybrids bodyguards wearing full body armour and helmets to conceal their condition, entered the Zetans’ high command centre where Odin, Ra, Vishnu, Buddha and Tialoc were overlooking the battlefield. Odin saw them arrive and spoke:

Melchior, I must ask you and your bodyguards to leave, this is the Zetans’ high command centre.
Helen, I have been expecting you. Have you come to tell us who you are working for and what you found out from spying on Melchior?


Yes. That’s why I am here…
Or……, maybe not!

After saying this, Helen swiftly threw five plasma throwing knives at the Zetans, burning and injuring them, and after that Melchior’s inner circle bodyguards rushed in and struck the Zetans with their plasma swords, incapacitating them.

Odin was injured and yelled out:

What are you doing Melchior?? You just doomed yourself and your entire army, the other Zetans will slaughter you all for this outrage!


I don’t think so.  You see, I picked the perfect opportunity to take you out.

Melchior lifted a command phone and spoke, his voice echoed out over the base:

Soldiers of the Martian Dominion, The Zetans are our enemy, and the Xenos are our ally. Attack the Zetans militants with full force.  Fire at will!

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