The Billionaire's Trilogy by K. Matthew

BBW billionaire series

The billionaire's trilogy

This is the complete The Billionaire's Challenge trilogy. The following books in this trilogy include:

The Billionaire's Challenge
The Billionaire's Healing
The Billionaire's Submission

The Billionaire's Challenge: When Mia Harrison agreed to participate in the Auction a Secretary for Charity party, she wasn't expecting anything more than a bit of extra overtime on her paycheck. But when Mia is won by sexy billionaire Garret Fabel, she's given more than just a night out on the town.

The Billionaire's Healing: Things start to heat up when Dr. Iserman assigns Mia and Garret some exercises to help Mia get over her self-esteem issues. Garret is more than supportive by worshiping Mia with his love and his body. With Garret's help, will Mia be able to learn to love herself again?

The Billionaire's Submission: When Garret doesn't want to play by the rules, Mia begins to have second thoughts about his marriage proposal. Will things fall into place as Mia tries to school Garret in the lifestyle, or will it destroy their relationship completely?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 30645

Sample text:

I stood on stage, dolled up like all the rest of the fake bitches lined up next to me. Why had I agreed to this? Overtime, I had to keep reminding myself. This may have been a charity function, but I damn sure wasn't doing it for free. Still, standing under the hot overhead lights that beamed down on us, being auctioned off like pieces of meat, I was quickly beginning to regret my decision to play along.

The annual Auction a Secretary for Charity party. It was the first time my boss was able to participate—the first time her small PR firm had made enough money to merit attending such an event.

When she had pitched the idea to me, I cringed inside. “Why not ask Charlise?” I quickly referred her to the perky nineteen-year-old intern who had recently been hired. Now that girl could make some real money for charity. Such a young pretty thing. Why my boss wanted to send frumpy nearly thirty-year-old me was beyond comprehension.

“Charlise isn't my secretary,” Mrs. Eddison reminded me.

“We could always pretend.” I tried not to look too enthusiastic about the idea.

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Great as always.
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