The America You Didn't Know by David Kissi

A Memoir

A memoir of a young immigrant in America.

The america you didn't know

After spending 50 years in America and having encountered about 7 U.S. Presidents, I may conclude that America won’t even exist 100 years from now if things don’t change for the better.
And it should change for the better because some of our politicians are not doing their work.  For example, for about 30 years we spent in Prince George’s County in Maryland, we hardly saw our Congressional Representative Steny Hoyer.  And he never inquired how the Anacostia Watershed is doing, which receives money from the federal government.  Steny Hoyer only came around during election week.
America is simply destroying itself by a cruel judicial system that sends so many people to jail and, in the process, it is reducing social class mobility.
Also, America has judges who are simply corrupt, and no one does anything to them.  See Wall Street Journal 9/29/2021, p. A11.
Now, Mr. Biden may be a nice man, but that is not good enough as we have seen in his handling of Afghanistan.  It looks like his Vice President doesn’t like her job and his Secretary of State is weak.
In conclusion, if the Republicans conclude that Mr. Biden is weak and Mr. Trump can return to the White House, they are mistaken because Trump is empty-headed and no one will vote for him.

Genre: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs

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Keywords: America You Did Not Know, Race Relations in America , American Criminal Justice System , America in Vietnam , Changes in Society, Immigrants in America, American Courts

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Perhaps the Professor who did influence me very highly when I was growing up in Ghana was Dr. Paa Nicholas.  Dr. Nicholas hailed from British Guinea or Guyana and when I met him at the campus of Mfantsipim in the 1960’s he and his mulatto wife had roamed through the whole world until Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of Ghana gave them a refuge and teaching professorship in Ghana.    

Paa Nicho was outspoken and that is why perhaps he claims the CIA came after him.  The 60s was a hot period of student’s activism and that provided a fertile ground for Dr. Nicholas’ ideas.  He spoke in support of Castro, Che Guevara, Nkrumah, Lenin, Lumumba, the American Red Indian, Black American Civil Rights, and the War in Vietnam.       

A group of about 3-5 students usually met him in his living room on Saturdays and his lectures did run from one to two hours.  He taught us how to effectively debate and allowed us to use his private library.

Dr. Nicholas was the Beacon who opened my eyes to the outside world for until I met him, I had never traveled outside Ghana.  Dr. Nicholas was the source of my knowledge about African and Western Civilization and racism, the American economy, Karl Marx, and especially Socialism.  Unfortunately, when the Army of Ghana overthrew President Nkrumah, the CIA allegedly engineered to have Dr. Nicholas booted out of Ghana in 1968.

Then 10 years ago in Washington, I was reading an obituary in The New York Times, and I read Nicholas had turned up in Guyana and became the Prime Minister of that country.  It appeared he had overturned all what he stood for when I met him in Ghana 30 years earlier.  It turned out that before he died Dr. Nicholas was no more an anti-Capitalist and became a friend of the United States.  I do not know what happened to his wife, but Ghana did benefit from their knowledge.

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