Taken by Two Prison Guards by Jasmine Black

Inmate Madeline is given a chance to work on the chain gang...and is quickly taken by two prison guards.

Taken by two prison guards

Twenty-three-year-old Madeline “Mad” Madison has quite the temper. She got mad at her cheating boyfriend and he ended up dead. She got sent to prison. When she gets an opportunity to work on the “chain gang”, two prison guards take an interest in her and before Mad knows it she’s participating in some naughty fetishes for the two well-hung hunks. It isn’t long before she’s taken by her two prison guards, but Mad’s not as easy as she appears, she’s got a plan to escape…

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English

Keywords: literature & fiction erotica suspense, action & adventure, mystery, bdsm, threesome, prison guards, mfm

Word Count: 21000

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Combined ebook sales have been good in the English language. Jasmine Black stories do well at Kobo.

Sample text:

They watched as I stepped out of my jumper. Beneath the jumper I wore prison issue track pants and panties. I slid my fingers beneath the waistband of the clothing and slowly, seductively lowered my pants and panties over my hips and then down my legs. I removed my garments and faced the two men.

Their eyes blazed fire as they visually caressed my naked curves. Their erections had thickened and were flushed red with arousal. My pussy grew hot and swollen and I was creaming hot juices, reacting to the stimulating sight.

“Lie down on the blanket, Queen,” Dixon instructed.

My heart cracked like a jackhammer as I lay upon the blanket. The wonderful sunshine beat down on my naked body, embracing me with its intense heat.

“No touching us under any circumstances. If you do, the restraints will be placed on you for the rest of the workday. Understood?” Dixon growled.

I nodded and wondered what the big deal was with them not wanting me to touch them. Were they afraid I was going to wrap an arm around their neck and break it? Or maybe they thought I was going to strangle their balls? I grinned inwardly at those thoughts.

“Lift your knees. Spread your legs,” Ashton ordered.

His voice sounded hoarse, and the lust flaring in his brown eyes made me tremble. He ripped open a package and pulled out a pink butt plug. It was pretty big and I wondered if it would hurt.

“Have you worn one of these before?” Ashton asked as he held it up.

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