Sultry by Randy Bentinck

A lip-biting, heart racing collection of poetry and prose that tease

Attraction should never be underrated.


Attraction should never be underrated. Lest it gradually loses its delightful adventure, lustre, charm, and ethereal magic. We should constantly endeavour to revitalise the dying fires of passion. Feed the flames of yearning in a manner that allows them to blaze out of control even if it’s momentarily.

In this refreshingly unique compilation of contemporary verse and prose, Bentinck has brought together several diverse pieces guaranteed to caress your seductive side. He encourages you to think of someone special with restless desires that drive you to the precipice of sensuality before your limited self-control weans.

Sultry enthusiastically celebrates the magnificent beauty of passion, temptation, and irresistible attraction with poetic creativity and artistry.

Embedded in this unique poetry collection are some skilful use of apt metaphors and imageries which tempt your insatiable fantasies. They feed your unfulfilled cravings, delight your silky lust, and arouse your curiosity to the pinnacle of an adventurous explosion.

After completing this collection, it will leave you with a longing to express, explore and indulge with that significant someone. You will find the motivation to pursue experimental and creative ways to communicate your passion and desires guilt-free.


Genre: POETRY / Caribbean & Latin American

Secondary Genre: POETRY / General

Language: English

Keywords: poetry, seductive poetry, poetry collection, love poetry, poetry books, poetry books for women, poetry about life, poem, poem collection, poetry about relationship, poems

Word Count: 14054

Sample text:

“Sultry: A lip-biting, heart-racing collection of poetry and prose that’s written to tease” is exceptional storytelling in the form of amorous poems. The poet speaks directly to the reader's heart, mind, and fertile imagination.

I guarantee every piece in this book will evoke some kind of emotion from the readers.

This collection celebrates love and intimacy in a refreshing and compelling way. Bentinck uses sensual metaphors, erotic imagery, and other poetic devices in an enticing way and transports the readers on a refreshing sensual journey.

There are pieces on topics ranging from the first sensations of lovemaking to intense, unbridled lust, the longings of horny lovers, and erotic fantasies.

You will definitely experience something when you peruse this collection. Whether it's joy, happiness, sensual gratification or curiosity.

This compilation of poetry is a celebration of the varied and intricate emotions associated with intimate relationships. From intense and passionate cravings to seductive passions.

The poems within this collection will not only, tease and please you in a variety of forms, but there are also pieces that will help you celebrate and recognise the healthy connection between sexuality, intimacy and the connecting of hearts.

November 2019



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