Sherlock Holmes re-told for children: The Red-Headed League by Mark Williams

The third of the Sherlock For Kids Sherlock Holmes short story adaptations for children.

Sherlock holmes re-told for children: the red-headed league

As part of the Classics For Kids series international best-selling author Mark Williams is proud to present the third of the Sherlock Holmes short story adaptations: The Red-Headed League

Come join Holmes and Watson as they solve the mystery of the Red-Headed League in a child-friendly, twenty-first century English and with the seamier side of Victorian life left out. 

Ideal for children of all ages to get started with the world's most famous detective.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Mysteries & Detective Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Short Stories

Language: English


Word Count: 4,000

Sales info:

New release, so no sales history, but this book is part of a long series of short stories for kids, and with the Sherlock Holmes brand recognition should perform well across the globe.

Sample text:

I had been strolling through Regent’s Park one October morning, enjoying the blustery wind. The trees were wearing their autumn colours – red, brown, yellow and orange, and all shades in between. Fallen leaves were being kicked about by happy children.

I was reminded of the colours of the leaves when I arrived at 221b Baker Street and found my dear friend Sherlock Holmes talking with a man who himself could best described as autumnal.

He had flaming red hair and a florid face that, with his brown suit and shoes, made him look almost like the trees I had just left behind in Regent’s park.

“I’m sorry, Holmes. I didn’t realize you were busy,” I said. “I’ll call back shortly.”

“No, no,” said Holmes. “Do come in, Watson. I would like you to meet Mr. Jabez Wilson, who has come to me with a most bizarre mystery.”

“This sounds interesting,” I said.

“Indeed,” agreed Holmes. He turned to his guest. “Mr. Wilson, would you begin again and explain to my dear friend Dr. Watson the events that bring you here today. I will benefit from hearing the story again myself, for it is quite remarkable.”

At that moment Mrs. Hudson appeared in the doorway with a covered tray. She placed the tray on the table and removed the cloth to reveal a pot of tea, milk and sugar, and three cups and saucers.











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Already translated. Translated by Gouzée Marjorie
Author review:
Excellent communications and professional in approach. Looking forward to working with Marjorie again.
Already translated. Translated by Daniela Maizner
Already translated. Translated by Gabriele D'Andrea
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Excellent! very pleased with translation and with speed and communications with translator.
Already translated. Translated by Patrícia Pinto
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Excellent as always!
Already translated. Translated by Monica Cruz
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Excellent as always!

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