Sherlock Holmes re-told for children - Silver Blaze by Mark Williams

The Sherlock Homes classic short story re-written for twenty-first century children to discover the world's most famous detective.

Sherlock holmes re-told for children -  silver blaze

How old were you when you discovered Sherlock?

As part of the Classics For Kids series international best-selling author Mark Williams is proud to present the second of the Sherlock Holmes short story adaptations: Silver Blaze. 

Come join Holmes and Watson as they solve the mystery of the missing racehorse, Silver Blaze, in a child-friendly, twenty-first century English and with the seamier side of Victorian life left out. 

Ideal for children 9-12 to get started with the world's most famous detective. 

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Mysteries & Detective Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Short Stories

Language: English


Word Count: 11,500 words

Sales info:

The Classics For Kids series has only been recently released, but is proving popular with parents looking for a child-friendly introduction to the world's most famous detective.

Sample text:

As soon as Mrs. Hudson appeared with a breakfast tray a little larger than usual, I guessed my dear friend Sherlock Holmes had a new mystery to solve and did not expect to be at home for lunch.

I hoped it was a case Holmes would need my help with, for it had been some weeks since I had accompanied Holmes on an adventure. I knew Holmes would tell me all about it when he was ready, but I was impatient to find out more, so I began dropping hints.

“Double helpings of porridge, Holmes,” I said, “and extra toast and marmalade. You won’t be hungry at lunch time if you eat all this.”

“That is the plan,” said Holmes. “Now eat up, for you will be missing lunch too. We have a new case to solve, and I will need your help.”

I clapped my hands together in triumph. “I knew it, Holmes! So what is it this time? A burglary? A robbery? A lost jewel of some sort? A missing person?”

Holmes smiled. “I have left the clues all around you, my dear fellow,” he said. “Four separate clues, in fact. I had half-expected you to have worked it out even before Mrs. Hudson arrived with the extra-large breakfast, Watson, but perhaps your brain has not yet woken up properly.”

At this I gazed around the room, wondering what possible clues I had missed. But there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary.

There was a pile of newspapers by Holmes’s favourite chair, a couple of books lay open on the other table, and a there was a map hanging over the back of the chair next to me. But other than that, no clues whatsoever.

I shrugged my shoulders at Holmes. “I see nothing,” I said.

“On the contrary,” said Holmes, “you have already seen everything this morning. In fact you even picked the clues up before breakfast. All four of them.”



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