Sentimental Journey by Jill Barnett

A sweeping WWII story of love and honor....

Sentimental journey

A sweeping adventure of World War II that is truly unforgettable 
In a time when ordinary people became heroes, they lived hard, loved hard, and fought hard: Kitty Kincaid must rely on her wits to survive capture by a deadly enemy in a faraway land....U.S. Army officer J.R. Cassidy lives for dangerous missions -- but recusing Kitty nearly costs both their lives....Charlotte Morrison does a man's job, flying planes to Britain's RAF -- while her heart is all woman, and torn between two lovers....Red Walker, a small-town mechanic, dares to leave his familiar world and fight for his country....Flying ace George "Skip" Inskip carries a burden from the past that only love can heal....On burning sands, in blue skies, and under screaming Nazi bombs, they make their personal journeys. But when fate unites them in a place where duty comes first, they can no longer live only for today -- not if they want to see tomorrow.

Genre: FICTION / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / 20th Century

Language: English

Keywords: World War II, love story, historical, Romance, Love Triangle, women in war, pilots

Word Count: 135k

Sales info:

Published in hardcover by Atria Books and mass market paperback by Pocket Books, Sentimental Journey is the critially acclaimed and USA Today bestse;;ing story of love and war by New York Times Bestselling Author Jill Barnett, 

Sample text:

Lt. Colonel J.R. Cassidy was back in North Africa, in the desert again just before dawn, where it was still and quiet. The sand was hard and bare and so cold it was like lying on snow.

Through a perimeter of wooden crossed-stakes and entangled wire stood his objective—a bowl of Axis trouble hollowed out of an endless range of sand dunes in the Libyan Desert. Dim lights downlit the corners of the buildings and the northeast side of the compound, where a convoy of trucks and tanks were lined up for fueling at first light.

From here it looked like a movie set, the type of place Gary Cooper stormed in Beau Geste. But this was 1942, a different time, a different war. This was real.

In less than ten minutes, Allied mission Foxfire would begin. Their job: to infiltrate Rommel’s compound. Ten minutes after that, they would blow everything sky-high: the compound, the largest Deutsches Afrika Korps supply dump in the desert, and the Jadgwaffe’s airfield.

He checked his watch . . . every few minutes.

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Tania is the very best. I will always want to work with her. She has wonderfully translated all my books with care and accuracy.
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Wondeful. Patrica is so professional and dependable.

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