Self-Publish on Kindle and CreateSpace: A journey from diary to book on a shoestring budget by Dr. Dipak Kumar Sharma

Self-publish on Kindle and Createspace and earn. Understand the issues of copyright, piracy, cost to benefit aspects and valuable pre-publishing preprations.

Self-publish on kindle and createspace: a journey from diary to book on a shoestring budget

Product Description

1. Do you have an idea and you want to publish it as a book and earn name and money?
2. Are you tired of running behind traditional publishers to get your book published?
3. You are tired of books which promises publication at zero dollars 
4. You are not tech savvy and therefore do not feel comfortable about the self-publication process
5. You want to know a concise yet precise information about self-publishing
6. Your previous book/s failed and you cannot understand why?
7. You want to sell your book globally
8. As a writer, you are worried about book piracy, tax, and ISBN issues
9. Are you looking for a concise book which covers practically A-Z about self-publication steps? 
10. If you have a great idea but lack the time to write and publish your book? 

In this book you will find:

- A clear yet concise explanation
- Practical yet deep coverage
- Step-by-step approach
- Print-on-demand benefits
- The cost to benefit discussion
- Shoe-string budget approach
- A realistic approach to DIY
- A sequential pathway is shown
- Tax, ISBN and copyright essentials
- Book piracy issues
- IMPORTANT Pre-publishing preparations
- Book aggregators and their uses
- And much more

Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Success

Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Sales & Selling / General

Language: English

Keywords: selfpublishing books, print on demand, shoe-string publishing, kindle publishing, book writing

Word Count: 29436

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Just Launched the book on Amazon and figures, feedbacks and data awaited.

Sample text:

Importance of re-publishing

You may need to republish your book later for various reasons, including removing any typos, adjusting the layout or to simply add, remove or update a single sentence in the entire book.

Book quality management and customer base

It is always a pertinent task to keep your work error free and therefore give a good quality read to all customers.

Also, you need to keep your work updated to match the market need and changes. Every time you upgrade the work positively, you also risk creating new errors in the previous work in terms of both the typos and the content; hence you need to do the editing/proofreading, etc. carefully.  Besides, the new addition may affect the quality of your book and either get you more customers or get you to lose some.

Be ready for revision and re-revisions of manuscripts or even the book cover: patience is the key

It is not uncommon for authors to make corrections to their manuscripts after it is published. Improving quality is a constant endeavor. You may notice typos and errors in your work even after publishing.

But as they say, even when you fall nine times, you may still walk on the tenth. Be persistent. Keep trying. Keep writing. I wish you all the best in your endeavor.

Sales and investment related: Why both eBooks and paper books are complementary, yet supplementary?

Isn’t an eBook environment-friendly and trendy? The population today has all sorts of gadgets from tablets to phones to computers. They like to read eBooks. The people who buy costly paper books instead of an eBook are decreasing rapidly. As an author, inventory management is easier with eBooks.

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