Second Sight by J.A. Culican

When it comes to death, foreseeing is believing.

Second sight

When it comes to death, foreseeing is believing.

Mirela can prophesy the death of whomever she sees. She spends her days locked away in her apartment, avoiding the public and the gift she considers a curse. Until in a devastating vision, she sees a young boy die.

Only she can help.

Only she can save him.

This urgency forces her from her apartment out into the world she's shunned.
Meeting the handsome, Luka, a Shade, Mirela's world changes. He's charming. Magical even. And leads her to an underground city hidden beneath Atlanta, populated by empaths, telepaths, seers, and gifted people like her.

Yet, nothing is as it appears.

A secret war rages between the Shades and the Wraiths, a deadly group of sorcerers who wish to take over the world. Caught between these two dangerous forces, Mirela must choose between fighting at Luka's side or believing the warnings of Talon, a dashing and dangerous Wraith, who sparks something inside of her like never before.

Treason is punishable by death.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Urban Life

Language: English

Keywords: magic, sword and sorcery, dragons, precognition, seers, empaths, magical abilities, urban fantasy, fantasy

Word Count: 41643

Sales info:

USA Today Bestselling Series

International Bestselling Series

4 books series

Sample text:

Happy Birthday to me. I sigh as I look out the window of my run-down studio apartment. My paper blinds are hanging up by a thread as I drop my hand and watch them bounce in front of me, effectively separating me from the rest of the world.

Exhaling, I turn back to my card table and lone chair, the only other furniture I have is an old mattress that was left here from the last tenant. Plunking myself down on the chair, I scan the colorful beads that cover the surface. The vibrant stones mock my mood. Today marks my twenty-first birthday. Others my age would be out enjoying this milestone with drinks and friends. Not me. I’m holed up in my cramped room where I spend every minute of my day. Rarely do I leave the safety these four walls provide.

The only luck I’ve had since running away eight years ago is coming across my landlord. She rents me this dump for just about nothing. In exchange, I make her jewelry to sell. For years now she’s brought me materials and groceries each Sunday in exchange for finished pieces. I have yet to see her death, which I think means I have a while until this gig ends.

I’ve made it my mission to stay away from everyone as much as possible. Which unfortunately has not stopped the visions of death. The building I reside in has many rooms with many tenants. The walls are paper-thin so I hear almost everything that goes on with my neighbors. Not to mention I spend much of my day watching the goings-on through the peephole in my door. Human contact is ingrained in me just as it is everyone else. At least once a week the fire alarm goes off and I have to exit my safe haven. I always attempt to keep my distance as everyone files out in either laughter or anger.


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