Sebastian by Christoph Fischer

A young man's coming of age in Vienna before during and after WW1


Sebastian is the story of a young man who, due to an unfortunate accident, has his leg amputated shortly before World War I. When his father is drafted to the war it falls to him to run the family grocery store in Vienna, to grow into his responsibilities, bear loss and uncertainty, and hopefully find love.

Sebastian Schreiber, his extended family, their friends and the store employees experience the ‘golden days’ of pre-war Vienna, the time of war and the end of the Monarchy, while trying to make a living and to preserve what they hold dear.

Fischer convincingly describes life in Vienna during the war years; how it affected the people in an otherwise safe and prosperous location, the beginning of the end for the monarchic system , the arrival of modern thoughts and trends, the Viennese class system and the end of an era.

Genre: FICTION / Historical / World War I

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: World War 1, Jewish family, Austro-Hungary

Word Count: 125,780

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Average of 4.2 out of 5 stars of 114 Amazon Uk Reviews
Average of 4.4 out of 5 stars of 134 Amazon US Reviews
Over 8000 downloads and paperback sales in all Amazon territories todate

Sample text:

“I am afraid I won't be able to save his leg!” said the handsome Serbian Doctor shyly to Vera. The tremble in his voice betrayed a discomfort that she had not expected judging him by his dark and hard looking Slav features. She also thought that he seemed far too young for his profession, maybe even only twenty five years of age if that. Was that old enough, she wondered, to be in control of someone else' s leg and ultimately their life?

Had this not been the third time in one week that she had been given the same verdict she would have questioned his credibility rather than believed him, clinging to hope that his judgement could be challenged and thereby the outcome altered.. Could he be fully qualified with those youthful looks or was he possibly even just a student posing as a Doctor, she would have liked to argue, and she would not have relented until she had the most senior medic arrive on the scene and explain himself to her. Such drama and aggravation however seemed futile when hearing once again the same universal and shattering diagnosis.

She sat opposite the young medic in a private consultation room of this luxurious and expensive clinic. Dr Vukovic had dark moody eyes and strong facial features that did not seem to fit his youthful skin just yet. With both soft and harsh looks showing in the same face, to Vera this man was one moment only a young boy whom she could send on an errand and the next moment he became the representative of the higher fate that she realised she would have to accept for her son.

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