Romance & Christmas Miracles by Sky Corgan

A Small-Town Christmas Romance

A heartwarming small-town holiday romance by USA Today Best-Selling author Sky Corgan.

Romance & christmas miracles

When a small-town girl
bumps into a famous country singer in disguise,
unexpected healing begins…

Aurora McGovern was excited to find out that famous country singer Kline West was coming to her small town. Being close friends with his father, she was one of the first people invited to a Welcome Home party for the celebrity. But when an old employer asks if Aurora can run her coffee shop so that she can take her daughter to the party to meet the singer, Aurora’s kind heart wins out, and she passes up the chance of a lifetime.

Ever since a tragic car accident around the holidays claimed his mother and sister, Kline West has disliked Christmas. Partially blaming his father for the accident, Kline barely returns his phone calls and only comes to visit him during Christmas so that they can emotionally weather the holiday together. This year was supposed to be no different, sitting in near silence, pretending that Christmas doesn’t exist.

When Kline’s father unexpectedly throws a Welcome Home party for the country singer, the pressure becomes more than Kline can bear. Fleeing seems the best solution to ease his stress, and he finds himself at the local coffee shop where Aurora happens to be working. Little does he know that their chance encounter will change the meaning of Christmas for them both.

This heartwarming small-town holiday romance is a story of losses and gains, community spirit, and healing by helping others.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Holiday

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: small-town romance, holiday romance, Christmas romance, clean romance, clean Christmas romance, Christmas small-town romance, sweet Christmas romance

Word Count: 71097

Sample text:

“You have me so spoiled,” she told Aurora. “I don't know what I'm going to do when you move out again.”

“Well, don't starve yourself,” Aurora threw over her shoulder. She had noticed that her mother had been losing weight over the past few years. Patricia loved being the mayor, but Aurora worried that she was so invested in her job that she forgot to eat sometimes.

“I definitely won't be eating like this when you're gone,” she said with a slight frown, and Aurora could tell that her mother sincerely didn't want her to go. But Aurora was a grown woman, and it was only natural that she'd leave the nest. Being back home was only temporary. She'd already lived on her own for most of her adult life, though she honestly didn't miss the loneliness of her apartment.

“Then you should definitely enjoy it while I'm here.” Aurora placed a plate of eggs and bacon and toast in front of her mother before serving herself and rounding the table to sit by her mother's side. “Anything interesting going on at work today?”

Patricia beamed while she buttered a piece of toast. Aurora knew that look well. There was a glimmer in her mother's blue eyes that told her this wasn't going to be typical news. Something exciting was happening or about to happen somewhere in their small town.

“You'll never guess who's coming to town for Christmas.” Her head bobbed slightly, her smile growing larger.

Patricia's excitement was contagious. Aurora could play along, knowing she'd likely never get the answer right. “Santa Claus?”

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