Queen of Black Sails by P. J. Daniels

A crew of pirates and one wizard attempt a daring heist of the King's gold.

Queen of black sailsSarah Chartimands is a captain in a magic world. Her ship: The Lady Flotsam. Her crew: pirates. After rescuing an old friend and mentor, Sarah sets out for the haul of a lifetime: the King's gold. However, when not all goes according to plan, she finds herself on the run, outnumbered, and questioning her reality; all in a city trying to kill her. This adventure is loaded to the brim with guns, swords and spells. Can Sarah salvage a botched plan? More importantly, will she find a way out, alive?
Genre: FICTION / Sea Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Fantasy, Wizard, Pirate, Two-Hour Short Reads, Young adult, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Sea adventures, Pirate Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction

Word Count: 19490

Sales info:
#3,679 in Sea Adventures Fiction (Kindle Store) #4,622 in Action & Adventure Short Stories (Kindle Store)
Sample text:
The captain had to admit, these were skilled combatants. Only a few of their own had fallen by this point, but many white shirts lay bleeding and motionless. Taking a closer look at them, the captain could see steel and fire in their eyes, not literally, but he imagined it. These were hardened men. These were killers, plain and simple. They had fought for survival at sea for all their lives, doing what was necessary. Each had reached the pivotal point of killing for their own survival and had become harder because of it. They may not have enjoyed the death they brought, but they saw the necessity. These men were broken, but rebuilt as iron statues, with swords in hand, automatons, built for war and death. ‘But who commanded them?’ Wens thought. ‘Where was their captain?’ From both sides of the ship came gunfire. While the privateers had concentrated on the dozen or so pirates on the deck, the remainder of the pirate crew had climbed along the edge of the ship to take up shooting positions. At the perfect moment, they all rose and cut the white shirts to pieces with fire and lead from their pistols. The privateers died so fast, they may as well have been lined up for execution. The few moments they had left to decide which target to attack was wasted. They were too far away to strike at the attackers on the sides of the ship, but they were not currently coordinated enough to strike at the dozen in the center circle. So, they died in their confusion, leaving piles of white and red on the dark wood of the deck. Captain Wens didn’t fare any better than his crew. He took a shot to the chest before he could draw his own pistol. He fell to his knees, shock taking all control of his muscles. Before he closed his eyes for the last time, he noted two things: first, a woman stood on the edge of the ship, pistol in hand, with hair as green as seaweed; second, his sails had burned entirely black.

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