Paleo diet: A Beginners Guide to Learn How to make Paleo Recipes by Aimee Sullivan

A Beginners Guide to Learn How to make Paleo Recipes

Paleo diet: a beginners guide to learn how to make paleo recipes


The paleo diet meal plan is only part of the theory as exercise is also a primary reason why many believe in the paleo diet for athletes. There is a popular saying amongst dieters that says “eat like a caveman and exercise like a cavemen” Eating like a caveman means raw, natural foods grown in the ground. Meats from animals that graze on grass. Exercise like a caveman is important since all day long the caveman hunted and did physical labor since there were no modern conveniences (like cars)

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Thus far, we’ve touched on the physical aspects of the Paleo lifestyle – eating right and exercise. They are two powerful ingredients to changing your life. However, without all of the right ingredients, a recipe will fall apart.

In this case, the third and final ingredient is mental fortitude. You need to have the mental strength and desire to change your eating habits and to start exercising. Without it, you are doomed to failure.

Remember, every decision starts in the mind. Without full commitment, it’s quite possible that you will revert to your old ways. This often happens in times of stress.

If you have created the habit of eating when stressed, and you usually eat the wrong foods, make sure to keep a sufficient stock of healthy, low calorie, Paleo friendly snacks in your household! You’ll find those later in the book.

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