Operation Treasure by Hannah Howe

Eve’s War

Book four in the Heroines of SOE series.

Operation treasure

Eve’s War is a series of twelve novellas. Each book contains approximately 20,000 words and a complete story. Kindly note that the price throughout the series will be set at the minimum level and that Eve’s story arc will be concluded at the end of the series.

“A message from Arthur,” Mimi said. “He wants us to steal a set of plans from a factory and blow up the building.”

“Who owns the factory?” Guy asked.

“Auguste Maingard,” Mimi said.

“And what does the factory produce?” I asked.

“It’s a scientific establishment,” Mimi said. “It’s developing a frequency-hopping guided missile system. Naturally, the Nazis are aware of this work and intend to exploit the invention.”

“So,” I said, “we steal the guidance system from Maingard and the Nazis.”

“That’s right,” Mimi said.

“And if we fail?” I frowned.

“If we fail,” Mimi said, “Arthur will send in the bombers and raze the factory to the ground.”

“That would mean the loss of many innocent lives,” Guy said. He stared into the middle-distance, grim-faced. “We can’t allow that. We can’t afford to fail.”

There was a determination on Guy’s face, a passion in his voice that demanded success. Obviously, a new missile guidance system was important, but Guy’s look and tone suggested that this operation went beyond the machinations of war. For some reason, it was personal.

Genre: FICTION / Espionage

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical / World War II

Language: English

Keywords: Second World War , French Resistance , Special Operations Executive , France, Spies

Word Count: 20,000

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The English version of this series has reached #1 on Amazon on four separate occasions.

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The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Translation in progress. Translated by Alessandro Cataoli
Already translated. Translated by Dilaine Ester Freitas Lopes
Author review:
It was a pleasure to work with Dilaine on this book. She is an excellent translator and very helpful on all aspects of the translation process. I sincerely hope that we will work together on future titles.
Translation in progress. Translated by Nayla Sánchez

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