Operation Sherlock by Hannah Howe

Eve’s War Heroines of SOE

Book five in the Eve’s War Heroines of SOE Series

Operation sherlock

"Arthur is concerned about the Nazis' latest terror weapon," Guy said. "Rockets; they have the potential to cause death, destruction and chaos in Britain. He wants us to locate the launch site so that the RAF can bomb it."

"How do we achieve that?" I asked.

"The Resistance in Paris think that they have identified the site," Guy said. "Arthur wants us to confirm their suspicions."

"Why doesn't the local Sherlock network deal with this?" Mimi asked.

"Recently," Guy said, "the Gestapo captured their wireless operator. Their network is in chaos. Trust is at a low ebb."

I glanced at Mimi and noticed her pale, drawn features. As our wireless operator, she lived under constant stress; each transmission represented a moment of potential capture.

A trip to Paris sounded sublime. However, Mimi's troubled expression reminded me that we were travelling into danger, potentially to our deaths.

Genre: FICTION / War & Military

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Second World War , French Resistance , Special Operations Executive , 1940s, Historical Thriller

Word Count: 20,000

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Already translated. Translated by Dilaine Ester Freitas Lopes
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