Thrilling, fascinating, sociable, emotional, interesting, captivating, insightful, Saga, Entertaining, Fantasy

Only you can tell

This gritty novel is about social issues. It is a story about the happenings in a fictitious African society where the rate of unemployment is high among university graduates and its economy is full of crooks masquerading as genuine entrepreneurs. Pretending to meet the ever-increasing demand of investors in getting higher returns, they manage to get the society swayed. Mismanaging investors’ deposits, these self-styled financiers hang on for just a while making investors lose all their investment entitlements. The inadequacies of measures in the society to stem the tide, punish perpetrators and sanitize these bad dealings to protect unsuspecting investors fallen into these shoddy investment traps are extremely weak. The situation paints a gloomy picture of this country’s economy and tends to degenerate into civil anarchy unless someone urgently tells them to calm down. And only you can do so after you have finished with the reading of this book.

Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: Exciting, fascinating, sociable, emotional, interesting, captivating, insightful

Word Count: 17,571

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Book sale is doing great and have the potential of becoming a worldwide best selling African novel.

Sample text:

After waiting for him up to 8 a.m, Agya Yoo and Yaanomdere concluded that Odongo was not coming. Their guesses were right. Odongo has indeed abandoned the ship. He is no more going to be a driver’s mate, but rather he is joining his old friend Akwessman to go into the ‘gather and sale’ business known colloquially as galamsey, where they will get into any place at all including the reserved forest and dig holes and trenches to fish out for gold pieces by washing the dust in the rivers and water bodies using chemicals, activities which greatly pollute and contaminates the rivers and water bodies before gathering the gold nuggets for sale to prospective gold buyers parading as dealers all over the coastal, forest, middle belt and Savannah zones in their country. Akwessman returned from the galamsey field a while ago and has been flaunting with cash within the vicinity. He has bought an SUV car for himself, eats from the best restaurant in town, wore the latest baggy jeans and clothes.  All his peers admired him. They knew the status of Akwessman previously and what he has become now.

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Already translated. Translated by Lamia Ishak
Author review:
Excellent translation and timely.
Already translated. Translated by Matteo Serrago
Already translated. Translated by Cibelih Hespanhol Torres
Author review:
Excellently translated by an excellent translater. An excellent piece of work.
Already translated. Translated by Myriam Moreno
Author review:
Myriam did an incredible professional job and delivered the final product ahead of schedule.
I will definitely engage her in my next Spanish translation of my novel.

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