Olikus by Buster La France

The gnomish warrior, Olikus Trevaluskas, adventures on the shady streets of Karosko.


Olikus Trevaluskas is a gnome, well known throughout Karosko, a large city with enough danger and intrigue to satisfy any adventurer. When two dim-witted rogues from a local guild approach him to help rescue the daughter of a high-ranking guildmember, he accompanies them on their quest. Though these two have a history of being nothing but trouble for the diminutive warrior, he ventures nonetheless into the sewers beneath the city to confront the creature which holds the girl captive.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: fantasy, short story, magic, epic, buster lafrance, elves, dwarves, lotr, anthology

Word Count: 5250

Sales info:

This book is new, published just within the last month, there are some sales, but not enough to speak of.  I anticipate that to change as future installments in the series come into being.  The second in the series will be published in a matter of days (10/28/2018).

Sample text:

A very popular figure in the Galloping Centaur was a fellow who often served as the tavern bouncer.  Indeed, he was very capable in his duty, which he often volunteered for, if for no other reason than the fact that it pleased him to crack a skull now and then.  It also allowed his good friend, Ta'ador, to focus on other business with the knowledge that this individual had things taken care of.  This bouncer, or enforcer, as some called him, possessed an advantage that would shock some.  Honestly, at first glance, one would think his defining feature would prove a liability, but the opposite was true; he was only three feet tall.

Olikus Trevaluskas was a gnome.  Some would call him a halfling, but only behind his back.  That word was considered derogatory among gnomes, and this particular gnome would fly into a rage few have seen from his race when the word “halfling” reached his ears.  Quick to react when directed at him, he was prone to react even quicker, and more violently, when aimed at another.

That word, to a gnome, suggested that they were “half men”, which suggested weakness.  Because of their diminutive size, regular work was not easy to find.  For this same reason, other work came easy for them.  The thieves guilds in the city were quick to recruit them into their ranks.  Adventurers also came calling, as certain needed skills seemed to come naturally to the race, though it was likely to be through necessity than anything else.  Rogues seemed to be the only ones among gnomes to be taken seriously.  Bad as it was to be stereotyped into such a corner, being referred to as “halfling” would certainly not be deemed acceptable.

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Already translated. Translated by Monja Areniello
Author review:
Very nice to work with. Great communication, and worked faster than expected. I highly recommend! Thank you!
Already translated. Translated by Lucas Dias
Author review:
Lucas was just wonderful! Great communication, finished his project ahead of the deadline. The short story he translated was the first of a series, and I will certainly be looking to Lucas for translating the future installments into Portuguese. Excellent experience!
Already translated. Translated by José García

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