Buster La France (author)

An avid reader and writer of the Fantasy genre, hoping to bring the world of Darithye to the world.

Buster la france

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I published my first novel, "Dark Vengeance", in 2011.  The world in which my stories exist is of my creation, inspired by my years of Dungeons & Dragons.  Though I am currently working on the sequel to "Dark Vengeance", my main focus at the time is a series of short stories featuring characters with a bit of a comic twist, also set in my fantasy world, Darithye.  My hope through these short stories is to create name recognition for myself, and jumpstart my fledgling writing career.  I would love to have my work translated as a way to tap into the international market.  In addition to "Dark Vengeance", I have recently published my first short story, "Olikus", which is currently available in ebook format only, on Smashwords, XinXii, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.  Though currently only available electronically, I do plan to have them out in print once the series is complete.

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The gnomish warrior, Olikus Trevaluskas, adventures on the shady streets of Karosko.