Of Wolves and Men by Eileen Sheehan

She didn't even know that werewolves were real!

Of wolves and men

She didn't even know werewolves were real!

When Lisa journeyed to a small cabin in the Pocono Mountains to enjoy a bit of peace, little did she know that she was entering werewolf country or that she'd fall in love with one!

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: werewolf, shifters, romance, thriller, paranormal, occult, unrequited love

Word Count: 63,066

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Sample text:

“I see two men around you,” I said as I pushed my long dark hair back over my shoulders, closed my almond shaped, sapphire  blue eyes, and inhaled deeply through my nose.  “One is a blue collar worker.  He works with chemicals.  Tar, I think. I can smell tar.  The other is white collar and works around computers in some capacity. The blue collar worker looks to be in his early thirties while the white collar worker looks closer to forty.”

The woman sitting opposite of me smiled with satisfaction and eagerly leaned forward as she said, “Yes.  That’s right!  My husband, Jim, works on a road crew. He’s thirty-three.  The man I’m seeing works in IT.  Do you know what that is?  It’s information technology.”

“I’m aware,” I informed her with a controlled, bland sounding voice. 

It was rare that I turned people away once I agreed to do a psychic reading for them, but I could already tell that I was going to do exactly that with this woman and my mind was whirling as to the correct way to reject her.  She struck me as someone who didn’t read between the lines, so I’d have to be blunt and direct.

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