Mysta Ree by Dee Dawning

Mysta Ree is book three of the riviting erotic Consequences series

Mysta ree

Picking up where Angel Love leaves off, Randy weaves his spell of dominance and protection over beautiful black haired, blue eyed Mysta Ree as he had over equally beautiful April and Angel. Reintroducing her to the alluring, exciting, glamorous life of a high priced call girl, she had all but given up, she is anxious to please Randy and herself. Therefore, she resumes the life she, April and two other friends left behind seven years earlier, when as college juniors, the four had spent a debauched two week spring vacation as escorts in Las Vegas.

Mysta Ree is the long awaited third book of the very naughty, popular Consequences series. Those who have read April Showers and Angel Love won't want to

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Gay

Language: English


Word Count: 20000

Sales info:

Book three of the popular Consequences series which starts with April Showers. Book 4 $ex in $in City was recently added to the series.

Sample text:

When the last of my pleasure shudders ended, Randy raised his head up and smiled. "Welcome back."

Randy rolled off me and I studied his well toned, mildly haired chest. "Whew, that was amazing. I didn't realize how inadequate my ex was until you showed me."

His head lolled back as he chuckled. "Sorry."

I wanted to hold him close, but I was still cuffed. "No, that's good. I'll never settle for hamburger, knowing I can have fillet again."

His beautiful blue eyes thinned. "Pretty bad?"

I shook my head. "It wasn't his fault. I'm just too restless."

I stiffened as his hand slid between my legs and cupped my ever hungry sex. "Missed the life?"


"Want to get back to it?"

My eyebrows dipped. "Is that what Cindy and Helen are doing?"

"Yes, and we're making more money than Vegas. You want in?"

I eyed his slightly diminished, but still impressive dick and hitched my chin toward it. "I do, if I can have a share of that."

"You can. Would you like to start right now?"

"With you?"

He grinned. "Naw, we have paying customers in the hallway."

This surprised me. "Really? What would happen if I said no?"

"I don't think you will."

"But what if I did?"

"Then April or Angel would gladly take your place. The money is good."

"How much?"

"Two grand each."

I giggled as visions of hundred dollar bills floating down from above interposed over naughty images of what I had to do to make that money drifting through my mind. "Suddenly, I feel like getting my brains effed out."



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Already translated. Translated by Roberto Felletti
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