My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Episode 6 "Consequences" by Marita A. Hansen

I’m your lover, Your captor, I am Frano D’Angelo, Your worst nightmare

My masters' nightmare season 1, episode 6 "consequences"


Frano is devastated, furious, and now a trainer. To combat what he did in episode 5, he throws himself into training the women. But Camila puts forth a business proposal he cannot turn down, something that could ruin his chances of being with Rita.

Matteo wants to destroy Frano for what he did to his family, but Frano has stepped up security, his home now a fortress. However, Matteo finds the weak link - Thierry - and sets out to bring the D'Angelos down through him.

*Frano and Matteo's points of views.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 19,787

Sales info:

My Masters' Nightmare is a serial that is doing well around the world, especially in Italy, where it has a strong following. Each episode has hit the top 2 of its genre, some of them being bestsellers.

Sample text:



I tapped away at my computer, emailing the Arab that he would have his shipment of slaves by Monday. He had paid ten million for ten women and one eunuch. It was a cheaper rate than usual, but one I was satisfied with, considering my famiglia didn’t have to train these slaves. All of the human cargo had come from the House of Whores, a place I now owned, and I would dare the Donatelli to say otherwise.

I pressed send, then pushed up from my desk and headed out of my office, nodding at the burly guard standing by my door. He was one of the many soldiers protecting my house, a personal bodyguard given to me by my good friend Pedro Landi. Ever since I had destroyed the Donatelli household four days ago, I had stepped up security, making my home into a fortress, one that was impenetrable. Four of the top men from the Dontatelli famiglia were still roaming free, and no doubt waiting for the perfect opportunity to take revenge on me for what I had done. But unlike the last time they had attacked me, I was ready, those bastards now dead men walking.

I quickly crossed the dining room floor, not wanting to look at the spot where I had lost my soul. The bloodstained rug by the main staircase was now gone, only the painful memory remaining. My chest tightened at the thought of my brother, of what his actions had forced me to do. I could still see Alberto’s eyes staring at me in shock after I’d pulled my knife from his stomach. Although killing him had been justified, it still hurt beyond description. I may not have had a choice—no, I did. I had killed him for what he’d done to our cousin. He’d raped and brutalized Jagger, leaving him a ghost of his former self.

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