My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Episode 5 "Escape" by Marita A. Hansen

Brother against brother. Husband against wife. The D'Angelos against the Donatelli.

My masters' nightmare season 1, episode 5 "escape"

Brother against brother

Husband against wife

The D'Angelos against the Donatelli

When Thierry tells Frano about what Alberto has done, the two brothers face off against each other.

Matteo's jealousies get the better of him, paving the way to Jagger's room. But when he tries to take out the competition for Alberto's affections, he has to get physical with his own wife - Rita wanting to kick his ass.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English


Word Count: 20, 624

Sales info:

My Masters' Nightmare has sold well in English speaking countries, but has done even better in Italy. Each episode has made the top ten of its genre as well as becoming bestsellers on the Italian Amazon countdown.

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Alberto kept on hitting Bianca and I couldn’t do a thing to stop him. He was at least twice my weight and way taller, the man a terrifying nightmare. Bianca slipped down the wall as he struck her again, what I saw making me want to cry. Her face was unrecognizable, her nose smashed, and the blood ... it was everywhere: her face, her hair, her dress—and covering Alberto’s knuckles.

Alberto yelled at her, then kicked her, making me want to scream at him to stop, stop, STOP! But I knew if I did he would do the same to me, so instead I took off up the staircase and sprinted for Frano’s room. Bianca had told me to go to him earlier, but I couldn’t think straight at the time, because I’d just killed two people, the wine that I had served them poisoned. But I didn’t want those men to die, the wine was meant for Alberto, and I also didn’t understand why the older man had died since I’d only seen Bianca poison one of the glasses. Everything was just so confusing. And although I knew the men who had died were bad, even evil, they were going to be mourned, the youngest brother’s wails heartbreaking. I could still hear them in my mind, his grief over his dead father and brother cutting me in two, his broken voice an echo of my own broken past, my maman having also passed away from poison, heroine in her case.

Tears ran down my face as I entered Frano’s room. He was lying on his bed with a sheet up to his chest, fast asleep. He looked so perfect, the complete opposite of his brother. I didn’t understand how Frano and Alberto could be related, especially since they looked nothing alike. Alberto resembled an ugly Rodin sculpture, roughly hewn with big brows and an unpolished veneer, whereas Frano was perfect...

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