My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Episode 3 "Betrayed" by Marita A. Hansen

Frano is stripped bare, both emotionally and literally, in this explosive follow-up to Episode 2.

My masters' nightmare season 1, episode 3 "betrayed"

Frano is stripped bare, both emotionally and literally, in this explosive follow-up to Episode 2.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English


Word Count: 24,078

Sales info:

My Masters' Nightmare has a cult following on Amazon. However, when the first episode was translated into Italian it did considerably better than what I anticipated, going to number 1 in its genre and also getting very high in its other genre. It is still ranking highly and selling well, especially on Amazon, gaining a number of great reviews, the readers wanting the next episode as soon as possible.

Sample text:



Betrayal. It stuck at the back of my throat and burned. Burned so bad I wanted to ... no, I needed to kill someone, to hurt them as much as I wanted to hurt Alberto, to take my rage out on them, because no matter what, I couldn’t do it to my brother, even though everything in my body screamed to crush him. My brother! My own fucking brother had betrayed me to the Donatelli. I didn’t see that coming, couldn’t understand how he could do that to me. I’d done everything for Alberto, put up with his shit for so long, his raging temper, his sick desire to hurt women, and had turned a blind eye because my duty was to him, not to those slaves, yet he’d still betrayed me.

“Alberto’s doing this so he can have Jagger,” Federico said.

Those words pulled my attention back to the guard, who was standing a few feet away from me. He was talking nonstop, waving his hands about, his craggy face angry. Normally he was controlled, a quiet, reserved man, but after barely cheating death his agitation was more than understandable. He’d told me about what had happened outside of the cell we were being held in: how all the Russian guards, minus Sasha, had been shot in the back of the head by the Donatelli. And he’d also told me that Alberto was actively working with the Donatelli, Sasha, the blond guard who was sitting by the wall confirming it all.

Federico’s jaw clenched, his anger making him look much harsher than he was. “Alberto is doing all of this so he can have Jagger,” he repeated.

I sat down on the bed and put my hands to my head, massaging my sore temples. Federico’s words were easy to believe, because Alberto had hated Jagger ever since our cousin had come to live with our family at the age of eleven.

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