My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Episode 2 "Discovered" by Marita A. Hansen

Episode 2 of My Masters' Nightmare, "Discovered": Father Michael is coming to supper. Will it be Jagger's last?

My masters' nightmare season 1, episode 2 "discovered"

Father Michael is coming to supper. Will it be Jagger's last?

Jagger’s erratic behavior is concerning Frano, but not as much as the threat the Donatelli family bring. They want Jagger and will continue to run the D’Angelo business into the ground until he’s handed over.

When Frano finally relents, agreeing to giving Jagger ten lashes of a whip as punishment for mutilating Father Michael, Alberto shows his true colors, bringing with him a new era of servitude, something Rita never anticipated.

Rita's discovery as an FBI agent puts her life at risk, but her resemblance to Jagger's first lover may send her to hell.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: #erotica #mafia #FBI #trafficking #priest

Word Count: 20,258

Sales info:

Most of my sales are through, but I've also sold via the UK, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Canadian, and Australian sites. Some people prefer to buy separate episodes, while others buy the collections, which holds 5 episodes each (sold both as an eBook and in paperback). The 5 episode collections give me the most profit due to being priced much more than an average book. I have many fans who buy the episodes as soon as they come out, but also some who have told me they are waiting for all 15 to be released. Once the 15th, final episode is released I will be doing some major promotion, which I'm sure will bring in considerably more sales. I am also getting people starting to read the series after they've read a spin-off series called The Santini Brothers (the first book is called RICARDO) which is my biggest seller. Currently, Episode 13 and 14 of My Masters' Nightmare are selling the best, along with episodes 11 and 12. Episode 15 is due to be released on November 28.

I have been asked by Spanish and Italian readers to have my books translated. I've even spotted a group of Spanish readers trying to translate it for each other in their desire to read the episodes, since people have described the series as highly addictive.

Sample text:



“Do you know what the mafia do to FBI agents?”

Naked and scared, I stared up at the guard from my knees, Federico’s words silencing me along with the gun he was pointing at my head. I didn’t know how the man had found out I was FBI, and right now it didn’t matter—because I was dead. I wondered whether he was going to shoot me here in the bathroom... No, he would take me to the Don, where I would get shot like my husband had been, but first Federico would try to make me suck his cock. The bastard of a thing was hanging in front of my face, growing harder as Federico ran a hand up and down it, readying it for my mouth.

I continued to stare at his face, not wanting to see what was in front of me. Federico was harsh-looking, his features grizzled, the dark rings under his eyes and his frown lines making him appear in his forties, although his muscular body looked like it belonged to a thirty-year-old.

He pressed the gun firmly against my temple, indenting my flesh. “Answer me!”

I moved my head away from the gun. “I-I d-d-don’t know what you’re tal-talking about,” I purposely stuttered, although my fear was real.

Federico’s thick eyebrows knotted. “You’re lying.”

“I’m j-just a teacher,” I said, wondering how I could take him down before he got a shot off. Maybe I could punch him in his balls.

He hit the side of my head with the gun, making me yelp. My hands shot to my head, all thought of punching him gone.

“I know what you were thinking,” he said, “your thoughts are written all over your face.”

I rubbed where he’d hit me. “I wasn’t thinking anything.”

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