My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Episode 13 "Ransom" by Marita A. Hansen

Did Jagger really hurt Sophia? The truth is revealed, Rita's memories returning with a horrifying clarity.

My masters' nightmare season 1, episode 13 "ransom"

Viewpoints: Rita, Alessandro, Matteo, Thierry, and Sophia.

Did Jagger really hurt Sophia? The truth is revealed, Rita's memories returning with a horrifying clarity.

Alessandro's ransom is paid, but the Donatelli receive more than they bargained for during the exchange.

The Black Russian NEVER forgets, the outcome of his vengeance is karma at its finest.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English


Word Count: 23,173

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This is part of a successful series. If you wish to translate this, please check out all the information in episode one as you will need to start from that book.

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A long line of trees surrounded me as I ran towards the Donatelli hideout, the night also hiding me from enemy eyes. I slowed down as I neared the end of the driveway. A small cottage stood in the middle of a clearing with a row of bushes behind it. Curtains were drawn across the windows, the interior lights making them glow. Contrary to what the Rosso man had said, there were no Donatelli guarding the outside of the house. I hadn’t come across any on the way here either, making me wonder whether he’d misled me and the other agents.

My attention shifted to the back of the property. One of the FBI agents emerged from the bushes, moving forward slowly, the man almost invisible in his dark clothing. My eyes shot to my left as Julio appeared, my colleague also hard to see, his dusky skin and clothing blending in with the night. He headed towards the house, holding his gun at the ready. More men appeared on my right, the FBI agents closing in from all angles.

Lifting my gun, I ran towards Julio, wary that we could be heading into a trap. I caught up with him as he neared the front door. He signaled to his men to stand on either side of him. They pressed their backs against the wall, while I moved behind Julio, knowing he wouldn’t let anyone enter before him. He always took the lead. He was fearless, an adrenalin junkie who considered freefalling out of a plane a weekend activity. If anything, he probably had a hard-on right now, which wouldn’t be a surprise since his job was his only lover.

He turned the handle and pushed the door open, waiting a few seconds before entering, no doubt assessing whether the Donatelli reacted. I followed him inside with three other agents. The lounge looked deserted, the only voices coming from the TV. A famous Italian actress was shouting at a male model, calling him a bastard. On the coffee table, food sat on plates, practically untouched.

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