Missy's Choice ( Book 3 of a Wolf Affair Trilogy) by Eileen Sheehan

The war between the supernaturals of Wolf Mountain rages on when Missy's long lost grandparents appear and she learns that she is of royal fairy blood.

Missy's choice ( book 3 of a wolf affair trilogy)


The war between the supernaturals of Wolf Mountain rages on when Missy's long lost grandparents appear and she learns that she is of royal fairy blood. Dissatisfied with her choice in love, her grandfather not only tries to persuade her to rethink her choice in men, but he wants her to carry on his legacy - which was something her father rejected and the reason why she'd been raised as a human until after he died. With her mother now a wolf and her true love a vampire, Missy must decide between living the life she'd grown to love on Wolf Mountain or ruling a kingdom that she'd never known existed, but found to be a fascinating and pleasurable place to be.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: fairy, werewolf, vampires, romance, dimensions, paranormal battles, fantasy worlds, new adult

Word Count: 63,465

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I am doing all I can to get my books out to the readers.  I have an author website: www.sheehan-author.info (New Adult paranormal/romance/thrillers) and www.ailenefrances.info (historical romance).  I have book trailer for most of my novels posted on youtube.com; goodreads.com.; smashwords.com; my author websites; and my facebook book fan page.  It is my intention to offer audio books for a good deal of my novels.  I have only been published a few years, but I write quickly ( 10 novels in the last 11 months)  so my inventory of published works is growing.  I send ARC to reviewers and have been lucky enough to get 4  & 5 star reviews for the most part.  Books are launched with a book blog tour for their initial release or a cover reveal and an email to opt in followers.

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My name is Missy Cramby.  Welcome to the third installment of my story of how my life changed once I moved to Wolf Mountain.

In book one, “a Wolf Affair”, I told the story of how my father left my mother, Maryanne, my thirteen year old brother, Josh, and me when I was fifteen.  Almost immediately after this horrific event, my mother was laid off from her teaching job,  due to cutbacks. The impact of dad’s departure, combined with finding herself suddenly unemployed, was so devastating to my mother that she clung to a bottle of Jim Beam for almost two years.  We were fortunate in the respect that my mother had inherited my recently deceased great grandmother’s estate which included a sick amount of money.  Even so, my mother’s inability to function as the head of household meant that I had to do some serious  growing up so that our house and family wouldn’t fall apart.

When mom finally pulled herself together enough to resume her duties as a parent and live life again, she secured a teaching position at a school in a small town not far from the estate house she’d inherited and moved us from the flat suburbs of Chicago to the mountains of New York.

I’d thought that my dad leaving and my  mom becoming a temporary drunk was the event that would have the biggest impact on my life.  

Man, was I mistaken. 

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